Oil Absorbent Wipes

50 wipes per carton • 30 cm x 30 cm

Colour: White

  • Very absorbent wipes that absorb oils, fuels, diesels and chemicals
  • Used for car care maintenance and in workshops
  • Disposable meltblown polypropylene wipes
  • Low lint, strong, absorbent wipes


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Product Code: 5-300S3


In addition to our other products, TIDDOX also has CAR CARE OIL ABSORBENT WIPES. Specifically, wipes that are water resistant, and soak up oil-based fluids. In fact, they absorb any kind of oil-based fluid, including fuel, diesel, chemicals and solvents. Indeed, a handy consumable when it comes to car care! So, keep a few packs around to keep your workplace and vehicles clean.
Because they’re made from 100% meltblown polypropylene, they’re strong and durable. As a result, they don’t come apart when soaked. So, once the oils are absorbed, you can pick it up and move it without making a bigger mess. 
To say nothing of these oil wipes keeping workshops clean! In fact, you can use them to clean engines, mop up oil spills, or capture dripping oil from the sump. Furthermore, they’re useful in emergency situations, like a broken line or a serious leak! They soak up the oil before it can contaminate an entire area.

And because they’re easily disposable, once saturated, you can grab another. Importantly, please dispose of these wipes as you would any other oil-soaked product. 

The wipes CARE OIL ABSORBENT WIPES come in packs of 50. Order a pack today and you will want to keep them handy.

In addition, for larger spills, consider the GENERAL PURPOSE PADS and OIL ONLY ABSORPTION ROLLS. Even better, try the super cost effective cartons of SUPERMAX ABSORBENT PADS!


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