CAR CARE OMNIWIPES (60cm x 30cm)
50 wipes per pack • 12 packs per carton • 600 wipes per carton

Colours: White

  • Car cleaning cloth that is more absorbent and less bulky than white rags for a cleaner, higher performance interior & exterior detailing finish
  • Super Gentle, Super Absorbent
  • Soft, non-abrasive cloth that will not scratch or damage surfaces
  • Ideal valeting cloth with quick drying capabilities
  • Great for drying cars, boats, jet skis and other delicate surfaces

Product Code: (W) 1-30025


Any car detailing business recognizes the value of a quality car cleaning cloth. A car cleaning wipe needs to be tough so that it doesn’t tear and snag on corners. That just makes a bigger mess with lint and bits of cloth or paper left behind. It needs to be thin enough to fit into seams, yet bulky enough to absorb plenty of water or cleaning solvents. OMNIWIPES are made of a high-performance fabric that meets all of the requirements for the best car detailing cloths.

OMNIWIPES are made from 90% rayon or viscose, which is an incredibly absorbent material, and this viscosity rating is one of the highest possible in a cleaning cloth.  With this high level concentration of viscose, these wipes can absorb even the thickest gels and high viscosity liquids easily, making them a great choice for waxing cars. In fact, professional car detailers are turning to OMNIWIPES as a white rag replacement alternatives, as they are more absorbent, less bulky, more consistent and cleaner than recycled T-shirt rags.

OMNIWIPES are soft, which makes them perfect for polishing wax or wiping down wheels, rims, and car interiors. Higher performance for detailing makes this one of the most commonly ordered products.

While these are very durable cloths, the good news is that they are disposable! When the wiper finally gets worn out, you can just toss it away, because they are not that expensive!

OMNIWIPES will shine without streaking and make a great coloured rag replacement when car valeting. If you are looking for rag replacement, order a bundle of 50 OMNIWIPES. This high-performance car cloth will be your rag replacement for the future.

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