20 wipes per pack • 14 packs per carton • 280 wipes

Colours: GreenBlueRed

  • A multi-purpose cleaning cloth used in food service, hospitality and healthcare organisations
  • An effective & economical wiping solution to
  • Very absorbent material
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Multiple uses before disposing.
  • Convenient packs of 20 cloths
  • Medium duty weight
  • Economical


PRODUCT CODE: (G) 1-30011 (B) 1-30012
  (R) 1-30013



For an affordable, disposable cleaning cloth, take a look at TIDDOX’s CLASSIC-300 WIPES. These classic cleaning cloths are a great multi-purpose wiper for the food service industry or for use as a healthcare wipe. As a hospitality wiper, it is popular as a bar wipe, kitchen wiper, and housekeeping cloth. This cleaning cloth is sturdy enough to endure multiple uses – even laundering if you want – yet is affordable enough to be disposable. It’s a perfect combination of utility and thrift! This is a medium duty wiper, meaning that it is tough but not extremely heavy-weight. You can use it for scrubbing without fear of it coming to pieces. Its qualities make it extremely versatile for a range of general purpose cleaning duties from automotive rag to housekeeping cloth.


This handy cloth is 30cm X 60cm. This makes it big enough to clean with easily, without being so big that it flops around and snags on corners. You can fold it several times and keep using it, making it a versatile wiper regardless of your industry.


Most industries have specific demands on the wipers they order. For housekeeping, healthcare, medical care, and hospitality, the absorbency of the cloth is crucial. You need something that can wipe up fluids quickly without smearing them around. You also need a cloth that can absorb various viscosities such as gels and oils. Our packs of CLASSIC WIPES are made up of medium weighted cloth, with high levels of viscosity, meaning that it will absorb all but the thickest of fluids. This ability to absorb viscous fluids and hold them in the fibers of the cloth makes it a great medical cloth and healthcare wiper.


Most disposable cloths are not very durable, but this one will surprise you! Even though it is one of our more basic wipers, it is still reusable and even washable. Fold it over and keep using it and it won’t start to tear or ravel. Once it is truly worn-out, you can throw it away without guilt. All of our cloths are designed to be low-lint and resist pilling, and the weave of the cloth helps avoid snagging.


CLASSIC WIPES are the perfect blend of usefulness and affordability. That is why it is one of our most popular products. Just a little more expensive than a roll of paper towels, this handy wiper won’t break your budget. Yet, it affords you the opportunity to have a handy towel nearby for emergency cleanups.


This MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING CLOTH comes in packs of 20 wipes. You get 14 packs in a carton for a total of 280 reusable wipes. You also have your choice of colors. Some of our clients prefer to color code the uses. For example, the green cloths are to be laundered, but the red ones are for uses that require immediate hazardous materials disposal, while the blue ones are used for housekeeping only. You order whichever colour you want for your facility.

Contact us today and place your order for CLASSIC-300 CLEANING CLOTHS. You’ll love the results, and your employees will be glad to finally have a wiper that provides the uses they need.

These Classic wipes are also available in roll format, which is a very popular option. Each ROLL OF CLASSIC WIPES comprises 125 perforated wipes, 6 rolls per carton for a total of 750 wipes per carton. Aged care, healthcare and medical and dental practices favour TIDDOX’s soft white OMNIWIPES, which are very soft and absorbent due to their 90% viscose component. Another option is the colour coded, soft, sponge cloths called MAXI WIPES, which absorb 8 times their own weight and can be squeezed and reused.