50 cm x 30 cm  • 600 WIPES PER ROLL 

Colour: Green 

  • 300 metres of general purpose disposable wipes (600 wipes)
  • Ideal for high usage dispensing to high volume areas
  • Popular in manufacturing, transport, engineering and industrial businesses
  • Ideal way to achieve bulk savings through bulk purchasing of 600 wipes on a roll
  • Good quality, very absorbent cloth
  • Strong and tear resistant
  • Superior performing wipes
  • Cost effective, bulk packaged wiping solution
  • Add the floor stand or wall mounted dispenser


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Product Code: 1-30011-JR


Because high-volume cleaning areas need good quality cleaning wipes, TIDDOX made the CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL OF WIPES.  So, now there is a bulk packaged roll of 600 versatile multipurpose wipes for high volume usage. For example, on a busy factory floor, a workshop, restaurant kitchens or even a busy hospital. From hospitality to painting businesses, these durable tear-off cleaning cloths are worth their weight in gold.

Not only are they soft enough for use on the skin of a patient, but tough enough to clean machinery. In fact, these cleaning cloths will do whatever job you want. And, we’ve made them extra absorbent too, but including a high viscose factor. Furthermore, by bulk packaging 600 wipes on a roll, there are huge cost savings. So, if you’re looking for a multipurpose, strong and absorbent and disposable wiping towel, this is the answer! Also, having larger rolls means you order supplies less often and pay less shipping.

These low-lint towels clean delicate machinery, lenses, and mirrors.

And, we’ve got both wall and JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSERS, if you need them. And with 300 meters to dispense, they’re a good way to make each of the 600 perforated wipes available.

As an economical bulk purchase of 600 wipes on a roll, the very absorbent CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL of wipes is very cost effective. Also versatile and used for a variety of varied tasks in many different industries.

Automotive Rag Replacement by the Classic Jumbo Roll

Try the AUTOMOTIVE JUMBO ROLL for your automotive garage. The fibers soak up oil, antifreeze, battery acid and will grip viscous liquids such as oil, grease, and gels. Very durable when soaked in solvents, too. More convenient and cost effective than a bag of rags, and easier to transport and store this 600 wipes roll, which is the same size as a 10kg bag of rags!

Car Care Cloths on a Classic Jumbo Roll

Your car wash won’t need any other car washing cloth. The CAR CARE JUMBO ROLL will get you through the busy post-rainy days, and customers won’t complain about streaked windows or dried water spots. These tough yet soft cloths will provide great valet service as your employees scrub solvents on dried tar or polish the side mirrors.

Industrial Cleaning Rags on a Classic Jumbo Roll

One of the problems in a manufacturing setting is finding a quality made, tough, absorbent, cleaning rag. Tear a towel off of the INDUSTRIAL JUMBO ROLL to shine a lens or mirror on a finely-tuned tool. With less dripping on the way to the trash can, too! So, less chance of someone stepping in a puddle and tracking it all over the floor.

Hospitality Jumbo Roll of Wipes

The hospitality industry is always looking for an affordable disposable towel. With the Jumbo Roll, you get plenty of both! This disposable towel goes from shining glasses at the bar to cleaning hotel rooms. TIDDOX’s HOSPITALITY JUMBO ROLL provides you with 600 tough, absorbent cleaning cloths to scrub up difficult stains. Add TTIDDOX to your janitorial supplies today!

Disposable Medical Wipes

Emergency Departments, Hospitals, and medical staff rely on TIDDOX’s multipurpose MEDICAL JUMBO ROLL of medical wipes for tasks ranging from soaking up blood, urine, and feces to general purpose cleaning applications. They are soft enough to use to clean off a patient, but tough enough to clean up dried fluids. Plus, they are a hygienic answer as can be tossed in the trash can when you are done!

Healthcare Classic Jumbo Roll

Daycares and nursing homes go through bundle after bundle of cotton cloths every week. But then they still have to be laundered! For less money, why don’t you try TIDDOX’s HEALTHCARE JUMBO ROLL? You get 600 healthcare cloths per roll, and they can be used for everything. They are soft enough to use as a washcloth, but tough enough to clean stubborn messes. Then, throw them away!

Printers Rags

Printers often have a tough time finding a rag as tough as their job. TIDDOX’s PRINTERS JUMBO ROLL will absorb solvents and keep its shape when scrubbing machinery. Use it to clean off ink, gels, and more.

Painters Rags

A professional painter needs rags that can clean up a drip on the floor or soak up a 5-litre bucket of spilled paint. The PAINTERS JUMBO ROLL meets these challenges.

So, try TIDDOX’s CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL OF WIPES for your cleaning needs. Regardless of the industry, this towel will be your favorite!


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