Classic Wipes On A Roll - Cleaning Wipes

125 wipes per roll • 6 Rolls per Carton • 750 wipes per carton

Colours: Green

  • Multi-purpose / general purpose cleaning wipes
  • Used in hospitality, janitorial, industrial, healthcare, aged and child care
  • Perforated, very absorbent and disposable
  • High viscose content for superior absorption
  • Bulk packaging 125 wipes on a roll reduces the cost per wipe
  • Ideal for budget conscious organisations in hospitality, janitorial, industrial, healthcare, aged and child care
  • Wall mounted dispensers available


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Product Code: 1-45011-PR


Because of the mix of quality and cost savings, businesses love the green CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL! For example, its most popular in restaurants, kitchens and aged care residences. Not only are these wipes made with a high viscose content for better absorbency, there’s 125 sheets on a roll! Hence, it’s a no brainer when compared to the the standard 90 sheets on a roll. Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon to find rolls with 50% viscose or less. However, with CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL you don’t need to worry about poor quality. And that’s why this product is so popular in the hospitality, healthcare and commercial cleaning industries. So, try these disposable, convenient, wipes and enjoy professional commercial quality. Touchdown!
As a result of this mix of quality and cost savings, these rolls have a great reputation! In fact, the CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL is one of our most popular products. Furthermore, the bulk packaging helps to keep the cost per wipe down.
Outlined below are some industries that use the CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL:-


Because the wipes are strong and tear resistant, the sheets on the rolls are perforated. Also, this helps reduce wastage. And, since the wipes are in a roll, they are portable and compact. So, they can fit into a wall dispenser or sit on the kitchen bench. In addition, they’re tough towels that are super absorbent. Not only will they dry surfaces quickly, they’ll also soak up high viscosity semi-liquids. Hence, they’re invaluable in aged care and healthcare where there are often situations in which viscous fluids need to soaking up. These classic multipurpose wipes on a roll are perfect for that. Rather than smearing a mess around they actually soak up liquids and semi-liquids.


Unquestionably, restaurants and commercial kitchens need good quality cleaning wipes. And, that’s why they love the affordable, disposable CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL. Because of its high viscose content, its more absorbent than typical comparative rolls. In addition, it meet the budget requirements without compromising quality. Hence, you’ll find these rolls cleaning the surfaces of many restaurant kitchens, tables and counters. Also used to dry glasses and silverware, and other general housekeeping cleaning chores.


Besides aged care and hospitality, these disposable towel also get used by dentists, vets and hospitals. Why? Because the CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL are strong, portable, and very effective in absorbing spills.


Surprisingly, even workshops use the CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL. As a result, we made a larger 600 sheet CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL which they love! They use these wipes as cost effective towel replacement for bags of rags. As a general purpose wipe, they’re used for wiping up brake fluid or oil, as well as cleaning and drying hands.  


Similarly, both the smaller CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL and the larger 600 sheet CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL (300m) get used in manufacturing and industrial businesses. The cloth is tougher and stronger than a paper towel. This cloth is absorbent, tough, and affordable. Businesses that make Food and cosmetics also use the CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. 

Each carton contains six CLASSIC MEDIUM DUTY ROLLS. And each roll has 125 green towels. Also, we have wall dispensers if needed.

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