TIDDOX Coloured T-Shirt Rags

10 Kg bags 

Colour: Mixed

  • A toweling rag cut from hand towels, bath towels and bath robes
  • A very soft rag with excellent absorbency capability
  • Perfect for soaking up large spills or drying equipment and surfaces
  • Absorbent of most fluids, including solvent, chemicals, oils and grease
  • Low lint rag
  • Metal detected to ensure safety
  • A recycled product from discarded towels
  • Strong, durable and absorbent


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Product Code: 8-60029


TIDDOX provides businesses with soft, absorbent COLOURED TOWEL RAGS. These recycled bath towels, hand towel and bath robes are a great source of soft rag for polishing jobs! And, not only are they very absorbent, they don’t scratch either! Accordingly, automotive businesses use them for detailing cars, marine businesses use them on their boats, blinds businesses use them to clean blinds and manufacturing businesses always have a need for soft absorbent rags. These are but a few of the many applications for TIDDOX’s COLOUR TOWEL RAGS.

So, let’s run through the main advantages of using RECYCLED COLOUR TOWEL RAGS:


Not only is this a quality product, but also by using these recycled rags you help the environment. By this, we mean you save these discarded towels and robes from going into landfill prematurely. TIDDOX supports recycling materials where possible and reusing if they still have a useful life. We all know that bath towels absorb a lot of liquids. As such, businesses use them for drying surfaces and soaking up oil spills. Hence, their popularity with delicate or sensitive surfaces, as their soft texture will not cause damage. For example, polishing jobs, marine industry cleaning, printers and painters etc.


The fabric of COLOUR TOWEL RAGS is made up largely of cotton and so it has a soft texture. And, the cotton threads are tightly knitted together. Furthermore, they have a very soft feel to them. As such, these rags make perfect polishing cloths. Unlike other rags, that may have originally contained zips or buttons, bath towels just don’t. Hence they have a very low risk of having any hidden, abrasive objects that might scratch a surface. As such, AUTOMOTIVE dealers love using them, as do to CAR CARE businesses. Also, they make perfect blind cleaning rags. Because these rags offer an affordable, quality polishing cloth they don’t last long!


Terry towel fabric typically is high in cotton content, so hence offers more absorbency than polyester heavy rags. They soak up floor spills and dry surfaces quickly. And they hold onto chemicals so you can use them with chemical cleaners to clean and polish delicate surfaces. COLOUR TOWEL RAGS offer a cost effective way to keep press rooms free of ink spills. Similarly, they absorb paints and solvents too! As a result, these rags are sought after by industrial PAINTERS and commercial PRINTERS. Also, they make great INDUSTRIAL workshop rags because of this extra ordinary absorbency capacity, which extends to oils and grease. 
COLOUR TOWEL RAGS also do not lint a lot of threads. These materials typically have tightly bound fibres. As such you can use for low lint wiping jobs, like polishing car surfaces, cleaning delicate tools and equipment etc. 


COLOURED TOWELING RAGS are arguably one of the highest quality rags you get by virtue of the function they performed in their previous life. They were trusted to dry our bodies, and so have a softness and absorbency about them that is not typical of other types of rags.
Rather than pay loads for a specialist wipe, why not first try these as a cost effective alternative first? COLOURED TERRY TOWEL RAGS make the best polishing cloths. So grab a pallet of our 10 kg bags, and discover the benefits of this cost effective wiping rag.

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