Equipment Cleaning Wipes

30 cm x 30 cm • 100 Wipes per pack • 5 Packs per carton

Colour: White

  • Made for equipment cleaning where there is a requirement to use a lint-free wipe
  • These heavy weight wipes are extra thick, and hence extra strong and extra absorbent
  • Ideal for heavy duty deep cleaning and scrubbing tasks
  • Used to clean extraction fans, dairy equipment, laboratory equipment etc.
  • Constructed with indents to pick up dirt particles
  • Minimal risk of any lint contamination during wiping
  • Made from a tightly knitted interlocked weave with laser sealed edges
  • Very soft texture won’t scratch delicate equipment parts
  • Washed, cleaned , vacuum packed in a cleanroom
  • Can be used with chemical and solvents
  • Absorbent of spills
  • Used in pharma, dairies, food processing business, laboratories and cleanrooms
  • Used in lower class cleanroom environments: ISO 4 – ISO 8 or Class 100
  • Also available in a STERILE pack

Product Code: 6-300K4


Pharma, dairies, food processing business, laboratories and cleanrooms, sometimes need to clean equipment with a lint-free cloth. And, they can’t risk any contamination from loose fibres or lint residue. Hence, they choose our LINT-FREE EQUIPMENT CLEANING WIPES. Not only are they completely lint free, they’re made for scrubbing and deep cleaning. And, they’re contamination free! In fact, they’re washed and vacuum packed in a cleanroom. Did we forget to mention you can use them with cleaning chemicals, or to apply and wipe off solvents and detergents?


Because they need to deal with scrubbing and deep cleaning, they’re extra thick. In fact, they comprise not one, but two wipes bonded together. Hence, this double layered construction makes them really strong and durable. Furthermore, the additional layer adds to the absorbency ability of the wipes. Also, the texture is indented so as to better pick up dirt. Above all, they’re really soft and non-abrasive. As a result, they won’t scratch delicate equipment parts.

Another feature which further reduces any lint escaping, is their laser sealed edges.


Other than already outlined above, these LINT-FREE EQUIPMENT CLEANING WIPES offer above average absorbency and strength. And, they’re ultra clean, due to the de-ioning and washing process they undergo. In addition, we vacuum pack them into two bags in a sterile environment.

Hence, they’re very popular for equipment cleaning in the dairy, pharma, food processing and biotech industries. However, if you need a sterilised deep clean, try the STERILED EQUIPMENT CLEANING WIPES.


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