TIDDOX Coloured T-Shirt Rags

20 Kg bags • 10 Kg bags 

Colours: Mixed

  • Flannel rags are recycled from flannelette pajamas and flannel shirts
  • Super soft polishing rags that are very absorbent
  • A great general purpose cleaning rag, that will also absorb oils and grease
  • Ideal for surface polishing, and any job where a soft, no scratch polishing rag is required
  • Scanned to make sure metal free and safe to use
  • Eco-friendly recycled rags
  • Low lint rag


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Product Code: 8-70029


TIDDOX knows that sometimes any old rag just won’t do. For example, sometimes you need a delicate polishing rag. Something soft and absorbent, that won’t scratch the surface. Hence, we offer COLOURED FLANNEL RAGS. Recycled from discarded flannel pj’s, blankets and shirts, so you know how soft we’re talking, right? So soft and smooth, they will not damage any surface. That’s why car detailers love them. Also panel beaters use them to buff  surfaces. And metal workshops use them for polishing. By recycling recycling flannel materials, we give flannel rags a second life rather than heading into a landfill site. And, these polishing rags make incredibly absorbent rags too! Not only do they absorb liquids easily, but oil and grease too! Their thickness makes them more absorbent than most other rags.

Sounds too good, right? But they do have a couple of downsides. Firstly, they’re not always in abundant supply, so normally in high demand. Secondly, the colours in them can run, which makes them unsuitable for certain jobs. However, if its a soft polishing rag you’re after, with impressive absorbency, then try our FLANNEL RAGS

To summarise, below we list the key benefits of using our FLANNEL RAGS:


By using these recycled rags you help the environment. By this, we mean you save these discarded towels and robes from going into landfill prematurely. TIDDOX supports recycling materials where possible and reusing if they still have a useful life. We all know that bath towels absorb a lot of liquids. As such, businesses use them for drying surfaces and soaking up oil spills. Hence, their popularity with delicate or sensitive surfaces, as their soft texture will not cause damage. For example, polishing jobs, marine industry cleaning, printers and painters etc.


When buffing a car, or polishing a car panel, or polishing any metal surface, you want a rag that won’t scratch. And, there’s no better than COLOURED FLANNEL RAGS. In fact, often panel beaters and car detailers will using nothing else. They’re also popular in the marine industry and for other tasks that require a non-abrasive polishing rag. Sometimes furniture removal companies will use these rags to ensure furniture does not get scratched. Moreover, they feel so soft! Perfect for polishing scratch sensitive surfaces. Despite their low risk of containing zips and metal objects, as an added precaution we do have them metal detected before packaging. Just in case a button or some other object may scratch a surface. As a result, AUTOMOTIVE and CAR CARE businesses love our high quality FLANNEL RAGS.


Typically, we choose thick, high quality material to make our pj’s, flannel shirts and blankets, and this thickness makes these rags very absorbent. Not only will they soak up lots of water liquids, but oils and grease too. However, as mentioned above, rather don’t use with chemicals and solvents, due to their tendency to run colours. COLOUR FLANNEL RAGS do however get used as INDUSTRIAL rags where they can mop up grease and oil quickly. 


COLOURED FLANNEL RAGS get cut from our best quality pajamas, our thickest blankets and our soft flannel shirts. Hence, why these are known as high quality rags. And, these thick, soft rags suit polishing jobs. As well as tasks where you need a thick rag that will absorb a lot.
We also offer COLOURED TOWEL RAGS or COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS.  And, you must try our soft rag replacement NU-CLOTHS ! These come in a centrefeed roll with 200 cloth-like wipes with a very low cost per use.

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