100 swabs per bag • 5 bags per Carton  

Colour: White

TIDDOX’s foam swabs are an essential consumable when it comes to cleaning sensitive components. Each swab has two large thick foam heads on each end of a handle which are ideal for cleaning debris, dust, dirt and ink build up from sensitive equipment and parts such as print heads and other delicate surfaces. These solvent absorbing foam tipped cleaning swabs are also useful when applying liquids, chemicals, adhesives and lubricants to surfaces, recesses and joints. The foam heads are low in particulates so limited risk of contamination or lint residue during use.

Whilst mostly used in cleanrooms and for print head maintenance in the printing industry, foam swabs are also used as in other industries such as electronics, pharmaceutical and medical.

Each lint-free cleaning swab is 125 mm in length including foam heads of 1.3 cm in width. 100 cleaning swabs per bag.

  • Double headed swab for cleaning sensitive and delicate equipment
  • Absorbs solvents and chemicals
  • Low in particulates
  • Soft and non-abrasive foam heads


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Product Code: 2-71400



TIDDOX’s double headed FOAM SWABS are ideal for precision cleaning of sensitive parts and equipment. For example cleaning heads on a printer, or cleaning dirty computer keys or cleaning electronic parts. Also, great for applying solvents and chemicals to surfaces and hard to reach recesses. In fact, these swabs are used across most industries, including in pharma and medical applications. Why? Because these lint free, non-abrasive foam swabs won’t scratch lenses or glass surfaces, or delicate equipment parts either. And, they’re anti-static too!

Each swab consists of soft polyurethane foam attached to either end of a 125 mm paddle. As a result, they’re very handy tools for cleaning dust, dirt and debris off delicate surfaces. And, equally useful for applying or removing IPA alcohol, solvents and other cleaning chemicals. Also, they’re solvent resistant, so they won’t disintegrate when used with chemicals or alcohol based cleaners. Hence, why professionals choose TIDDOX’s strong, durable, disposable cleaning swabs above others. 

Furthermore, TIDDOX’s FOAM SWABS absorb chemicals and solvents, without falling apart. And, they’re also lint free! Hence, a limited risk of contaminating a surface. In fact, these soft, non-abrasive foam heads are ideal for cleaning dirt off delicate components and parts.

So, if you have tasks that require a lint free cleaning tool, use our foam swabs. And, get twice the use out of them by using one end and then switching it around to use the other end. Because the swabs offer a cost effective way to apply cleaning solutions, they have become very popular with printers.


Moreover, printers tend to use the swabs with our LINT FREE POLYSOFT WIPES . Together, these products help remove ink build up during maintenance cleaning. For example, when cleaning print heads, blades, nozzles and other sensitive equipment parts. And, they’re also ideal for applying lubricants to joints or applying cleaning chemicals.

So, try out these foam swabs, and grab a couple of packs of POLYSOFT WIPES at the same time, for a complete solution to delicate surface cleaning.

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