Handiwipes Carry Box

150 wipes per box • 50 cm x 30 cm  • 4 boxes per carton

Colour: White

  • Handy pull out box of general purpose disposable wipes
  • Very low lint wipes
  • Strong and tear resistant
  • Non-abrasive
  • Ideal for surface cleaning, polishing glass, metal and cleaning equipment
  • Works well with solvents, cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Suits surface preparation tasks
  • Portable, convenient, carry box with open pull out sides
  • 150 cost effective, folded wipes in each box


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Product Code: 6-2122


The HANDI WIPES CARRY BOX has become the height of convenience when it comes to portable wipes. A heavy duty handle and dispenser box makes life easy! And these multipurpose wipes are very versatile. For example, their low lint features suit polishing and glass cleaning tasks. But also, their durability and toughness wipes ensure they don’t tear easily. And, they have a smooth, non-abrasive texture so ideal for polishing tasks, surface prep and sensitive surface cleaning. And, they work well with solvents and chemicals too. Above all, they boast impressive absorbency.
So for a portable box of low lint, non-abrasive, high absorbency wipes, this product is hard to beat!  So it’s not hard to figure why it’s so popular across multiple industries, as outlined below:-


The HANDI WIPES CARRY BOX contains 150 industrial wipes. Ideal for workbenches and easy to dispense. And much easier to lug around than a bag of rags! So you can see why these rag replacement wipes are so popular. And because they are low lint, they can be used on lint sensitive cleaning tasks. Furthermore, they are ideal for spill control and soaking up fuel, chemicals and other spills rapidly. A great low lint surface preparation wipe. Also these features make these popular aerospace wipes.


The convenience of these portable boxes has not been lost on the healthcare industry. Whether its used in veterinary practices to wipe down preparation tables, or in dental surgeries to swab down the chair. Also, hospitals, GP’s and medical clinics like to easy dispensing box of wipes. Not only great for polishing meta and glass surfaces, but also a useful drying cloth. And with 150 wipes in a box, they make great single-use hygienic disposable wipes. They also are strong enough to be used with cleaning chemicals, without falling apart.

The HANDI WIPES CARRY BOX also comes in three other formats. Firstly you have the HANDI WIPES ROLLS which have 90 perforated wipes on each 45 metre roll. And these come in both blue and white colours. Secondly, you have the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES, which are large surface area cleaning wipes popular with painters and powder coaters. And thirdly, we also have a much larger HANDI WIPES JUMBO ROLL, also available in either white or blue. 


For stronger heavy duty applications, the next level up would be the WHITE RHINO ROLLS or the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX.

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