Jumbo Roll Handiwipes with stand

600 wipes per roll • 50 cm x 30 cm  

Colour: Blue or White

  • 300m of low lint wipes on a jumbo roll
  • Cost effective solution for workshops, hospitality and other busy areas
  • 600 strong, perforated wipers per roll
  • General purpose disposable wipes that are absorbent and low linting
  • Solvent resistant and so can use with chemicals, paints, oils, grease, fats etc.
  • Smooth texture for surface cleaning, surface preparation, glass cleaning and polishing metal
  • Disposable, economical wiping solution
  • Wall dispensers and Floor Stands available


  WHITE 6-2124



We can offer you either blue or a white HANDI WIPES JUMBO ROLL. These portable rolls fit into wall dispenses, or floor dispensers, or just on top of a work bench is fine too! And they do a great job in soaking up liquids because they are so absorbent. In addition, they don’t lint much. or even at all, so you can use them to polish surfaces, like metal or glass. In fact they’re great as glass cleaning wipes! Also, they have a strength and durability about them, so they’re not flimsy or likely to tear easily. So, if you’re looking for cost savings from bulk packaging, this jumbo roll is the way to go. And because of the above features, it’s pretty versatile and multipurpose. For example, its smooth surface is non-abrasive so suits polishing delicate surfaces. Furthermore, its absorbency and low lint characteristics make it perfect for surface preparation jobs involving the application of solvents. Why? Because it is solvent resistant too!
And you can choose from either a white roll or a blue roll of wipes. This tends to vary from industry to industry. For instance, industrial businesses prefer the blue rolls. And printers and painters prefer the white rolls because they show up the oil, ink, paints and dirt. 


Each HANDI WIPES JUMBO ROLL has 600 sheets to it. And, because they’re perforated they’re easy to tear off. Also, this reduces wastage. Whether you sit it on the bench top of in a dispenser, they are perfect for workshops where there is lots of grease and oil. In fact, more economical and better performing than rags. Hence they make a great rag replacement option. Because they have a high wood pulp content, they are super absorbent. For example, they’re easily and quickly mop up any oil, fuel or chemicals spill. And, as mentioned, because they’re low linting and solvent resistant, they are ideal as surface preparation wipes.


The white jumbo rolls show up dirt, ink and paint. As such, they suit applications where you want to see that these things have been wiped away. Hence, the white HANDI WIPES JUMBO ROLL has a lot of popularity in the print, paint and healthcare/medical industries.  For example, vets use these to clean their stainless steel examination tables, and printers use them to wipe ink off the press equipment. Also, painters like to keep a roll on site to deal with the various paint wiping jobs they encounter each day, including cleaning walls, hands and paint brushes. With 600 sheets on a roll, this represents a very cost-effective disposable towel. And, because they’re tough and won’t tear easily, you can use them with chemicals, ink, paints and solvents.

If you want a smaller version of the 600-sheet HANDI WIPES JUMBO ROLL try the 90-sheet HANDI WIPES ROLLS. Also  available in either white or blue. Or, you may prefer a larger sheet size, like that offered in the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. This is the preferred option with powder coating businesses and large surface treatment jobs. Finally, this material is also available in a portable dispenser box format, called the HANDI WIPES CARRY BOX
Did you know, we also have wipes made that are even stronger and lower linting? Yes, check out our WHITE RHINO ROLLS and RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOXES.

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