90 wipes per roll • 6 Rolls per Carton • 540 wipes • 50 cm x 30 cm

Colour: White

  • Single use disposable white wipes on a roll
  • Highly absorbent cellulose wipes that are also ultra low linting
  • Used in healthcare facilities, like aged care, hospitals, dental practices etc.
  • Multipurpose wipes for spill control, as well as cleaning and polishing
  • Works well with cleaners, detergents and disinfectants
  • Other colours available
  • Wall dispensers are available

Product Code: 6-50015-PR


Because these single use disposable wipes are so absorbent, healthcare staff love them! In fact, more and more facilities are choosing AMBIWIPES ROLLS as they have a great soft texture and are multipurpose wipes. For instance, they’re ideal for residential aged care, hospitals, dental clinics, vet clinics as well as a range of other healthcare facilities. And, not only do they absorb spills quickly, you can also use these soft wipes to polish and clean windows, glass and metal. Furthermore, they’re solvent resistant, meaning they don’t fall apart when used to apply disinfectants or other chemicals. In fact, use them to sanitise surfaces, examination tables or swab dental chairs. And, the soft texture means you don’t have to worry about them scratching surfaces. Rather than use cloths, switch to the more hygienic HEALTHCARE AMBIWIPES WHITE ROLLS. And, tear off disposable white wipes when you need them to clean surfaces or absorb spills. In addition, they can be used in the kitchen to absorb fats and oils, or clean grease off counters. Alternative, just use them to dry your hands! 

So grab a carton of these handy disposable wipes on a roll. Either scatter them around the various nurses stations of clip them into one of the wall dispensers.

Alternatively, hospitals tend to prefer the ultra low lint packs of AMBIWIPES which have 300 wipes. Or, if its large medical equipment or large windows that need cleaning, choose the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES

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