BlueMAX Wipes

90 wipes per roll • 6 rolls per carton • 41 cm x 25 cm

Colour: Blue

  • Multipurpose, absorbent wipes used in healthcare
  • Hygienic, disposable, single-use wipes
  • Handy, convenient small rolls for tear off, disposable wiping
  • Absorbs all types of fluids including water, blood, urine, oils, chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents
  • No lint
  • Will not break down when wet
  • Tough and durable
  • Larger jumbo rolls available

Product Code: 6-41022-PR


Because healthcare wipes have to be tough, people choose HEALTHCARE BLUEMAX WIPES. For example, nursing homes, aged care facilities, vets, hospitals and dentists. In fact, any facility that needs multiple, low cost wiping solutions. For example, surface cleaning, hand wiping and spill control, that occur daily. Hence, you always need absorbent, healthcare wipes that are solvent resistant. And, unfortunately, so many healthcare wipes come apart when you try to use any kind of cleaning chemical with them. But not HEALTHCARE BLUEMAX WIPES!

TIDDOX’s HEALTHCARE BLUEMAX WIPES are tough enough to scrub with, but soft enough to use on the skin. And, they leave no lint after wiping, which is a bonus. Furthermore, you can use them for polishing equipment, cleaning windows, or as single-use patient care wipes. In addition, these absorbent, disposable healthcare wipes will soak up any liquid or semi-liquid. Also, they’re great for grease cleaning or for absorbing chemicals and other messes.

Also, with the small roll size, they’re convenient to leave on counters or in trolleys for easy access. And, each roll has 90 perforated wipes. Not only are they cost-effective wipes, it’s very convenient to have a roll in the each work area. For example, keep one in the kitchen to use as a kitchen towel, one in the bathroom or changing area, one at the nurses’ station, and one in the janitorial closet.

So, try our HEALTHCARE BLUEMAX WIPES and you won’t want any other healthcare towel in your facility!

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