600 Wipes • 30 cm x 50 cm 

Colour: Green 

  • Hygienic, disposable cloths for aged care, childcare and healthcare
  • Popular disposable wiping solution for busy facilities
  • Cost-effective bulk packaged wipes on a jumbo roll
  • Hygienic, strong and durable wipes
  • Highly absorbent viscose material
  • Floor dispensers and wall dispensers available

Product Code: 1-30011-JR


Undoubtedly, healthcare cleaning wipes have to be tough enough to scrub up stains but soft enough for use on patients’ skin. Hence, we made the soft, yet strong HEALTHCARE CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. Not only is it tough and soft, its jam packed with hygienic disposable wipes.

In fact, this 300 metre long jumbo roll has 600 perforated sheets. And, if you want, there’s a JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER too. Hence, this helps tear off and dispense the wipes. Also, you can move it around to the busy areas.

These wipes are used for various purposes in just about every sector of healthcare. For instance, vets use these examination table cleaning wipes. But, day care centres use these childcare wipes to gently clean pudding from a toddler’s mouth, then fully contain the mess from a leaky diaper. However, aged care facilities use these as patient wipes for patient hygiene. They serve equally well when used with solvents to clean medical spaces. Tough enough for repeated durable use in hospitals and aged care facilities. Multipurpose and versatile. Drop one of these towels on a spill and it will soak it up, retaining the fluid until you can get the cloth to the trash can.

This large roll of healthcare cleaning cloths makes for a budget-friendly, bulk packaged solution. So try our HEALTHCARE CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL

Other healthcare cleaning wipes include the heavy duty PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL and the CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL.

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