125 wipes per roll • 6 Rolls per Carton • 750 wipes x 45 cm x 30 cm

Colour: Green 

  • 125 healthcare wipes wrapped on a roll that are perforated, very absorbent and disposable
  • Convenient disposable tear-off wipers, ideal for both hygiene and the budget!
  • High quantity of viscose fibres make this an extra ordinary absorbing surface cleaning cloth
  • Used extensively in healthcare, aged and child care as it is effective and economical
  • Cloth Size: 45cm x 30cm

Product Code: 1-45011-PR


The healthcare industry loves our products. One of the best sellers is our CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL. That’s because this product is soft, absorbent, strong, disposable, and AFFORDABLE! That’s right, for a little more than you would spend on regular paper towels, you can upgrade to our CLASSIC MULTIPURPOSE WIPES ON A ROLL.
These general purpose wipers hold together while you scrub out a sink. Soft enough to clean pudgy little hands at the snack table. Daycare centers, aged care facilities, and more turn to our Classic Wipes for their dirty work.
Designed with cost conscious budgets in mind! Stacked with nearly 50% more wipes (125 wipes on each roll ) than typical rolls. And no scrimping on quality. You get high levels of absorbing viscose content in every roll. Not hard to see why this roll is a favourite in the healthcare sector. There are , perforated to make it easier to tear them off.
Use the cloth as you would a paper towel or, if you want, as a washcloth. These healthcare wipes are that good. Designed for multipurpose cleaning tasks. A great choice for all kinds of cleanups. They have a high viscosity rating, making them better than paper towels at soaking up liquids and semi-liquids. That’s right, puke, diarrhoea, and snot all bow in defeat to this general purpose cloth!
And, maybe the best part is – you can throw it away when done! That’s right! You don’t have to wash out all of that yuck, because this product is affordable enough to throw away. One carton has 6 rolls of these CLASSIC WIPES. Try one out with your next janitorial order, and you’ll love them!

We also have a colour coded super absorbent sponges called MAXI WIPES. Aged care love our soft, absorbent OMNIWIPES as personal care cloths to assist with incontinence cleaning. Another winner of a single use disposable healthcare wiper is the WHITE RHINO ROLL.