Jumbo Rhino Roll

475 perforated wipers per roll • 32 cm x 34 cm • 151 m Roll

Colour: Blue

  • Premium healthcare quality wiper
  • Very thick, absorbent wipers for heavy duty surface cleaning
  • Disposable hygienic wiping solution
  • Multipurose, from polishing to absorbing challenging fluids
  • Very strong and tear resistant polypropylene fibres
  • High cellulose content for greater absorbency
  • Absorbs chemicals oils, solvents and most liquids

Product Code: 6-X8022-JR


When assessing the quality of aged care cleaning cloths, childcare wipes or healthcare wipes, make sure it is:-

  • durable
  • absorbent
  • disposable
The HEALTHCARE JUMBO RHINO ROLL wipers are all of these and more. An important part of any organisation’s healthcare consumables! Durable, absorbent disposable wipers to deal with challenging tasks!
Strong, thick and tough due to its polypropylene fibers. It won’t tear easily, that’s why we’ve perforated each of the 475 wipers. 
Impressive absorbency due to its high wood pulp content. It soaks up liquids, oils and even body fluids, such as urine and blood.
A disposable wiper meeting single use hygiene requirements of healthcare. We recommend disposing of used wipers to minimise contamination.
And finally, bulk packing 475 wipers per roll, lowers the cost per wipe.
The HEALTHCARE JUMBO RHINO ROLL wipers have many healthcare applications. Use them to clean bathrooms and floors with great success. Soak up unexpected water spills, urine spills or cleaning up soiled floors. They are thicker and more durable than paper towels. They do not tear easily and absorb much more. An ideal disposable to wipe down equipment, tables, glass and surfaces. Use them for kitchen cleaning tasks. They will mop up grease from surfaces and soak up any oil spills. Their smooth, non-abrasive texture lends them to polishing tasks. Great with polishing stainless steel and glass surfaces. Strong and durable wipes that work well with chemical cleaners.
Popular in aged care, child care and hospitals as a durable cleanup wipe. Portable and easy to store. Rest on a table counter for easy access. Or use our floor stands or wall dispensers. Armed with these wipes, routine cleanup work becomes more effective and efficient.
For a long lasting, cost effective wiping solution, choose JUMBO RHINO ROLLS! Protect the vulnerable by maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Popular in aged care facilities, schools and childcare centres.


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