150 Wipes per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton • 22 cm x 22 cm

Colour: White

  • Extremely soft cloth for sensitive skin wiping in healthcare, aged care and child care facilities
  • Heavy weight, absorbent polyester fabric
  • Low particle and fibre levels, with laser cut edges to prevent release of any loose fibres
  • Very clean – washed multiple times in de-ionised purified water and vacuum packed in a ISO Class 5 cleanroom
  • Strong, stretchable, tear resistant
  • Also available in a Small Sizes (10cm x 10cm) and Larger sizes (30cm x 30cm) 

Product Code: 6-22025


When it comes to taking care of the vulnerable population, you can’t leave any stone unturned. Healthcare professionals need to maintain a hygienic environment at all times. Our healthcare lint free wipes reduce the risk of exposure to life threatening germs. Hygienic, clean cloths made for hygienic clean environments. Try them out and add them to your healthcare consumable supplies to keep surfaces clean. When patients, the aged or children are the priority, POLYSOFT lint-free healthcare wipes become the necessity!
To ensure clean and hygienic wipes we wash them 4-5 times in de-ionized water to purify them. Then, with contaminants washed out, we vacuum pack the wipes in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom. The end result is the hygienic soft patient wipes called POLYSOFT WIPES.
Ideal for all types of healthcare wiping tasks. Suited to hygiene sensitive environments such as hospitals, aged care, schools and day care centres. From wiping noses to sensitive skins, enjoy soft, gentle fabric on the skin. Handy patient wipes to have around to absorb discharges or liquids.
These soft hospital wipes are lint-free, meaning that no lint remains after wiping. The fabric has a tightly woven and double knitted construction. In addition, you get laser sealed edges! This manufacturing process minimises any loose fibre or particle release.
Apart from patient care, POLYSOFT wipes clean metal and glass sensitive surfaces. Ideal for cleaning medical equipment, monitors, touchscreens or control panels. The lint free fabric and non-abrasive texture will not damage delicate surfaces.
So next time you need a soft, gentle lint free wipe grab a pack of POLYSOFT Wipes. The safe and sensitive wipes for healthcare. Available in convenient portable packs of 150 wipes.

Other healthcare cleaning cloths include DISPOSABLE WHITE WIPES-ON-A-ROLL, OMNIWIPES (another soft skincare cloth used in aged care and hospitals) and LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES.