Wash Up Cloths

40 cm x 38 cm • 10 wipes in a pack • 10 packs in a carton • 100 wipes

Colours: GreenBlue Pink • Yellow

  • Viscose washup cloths for soaking up spills and drying
  • Sponge-like cloths used in aged care and hospitals
  • Ideal for drying up spills on kitchens surfaces and bathroom floors
  • A thick, soft, absorbent cloth that absorbs over 8 times its weight in liquid
  • Use, rinse, washed and reuse
  • Available in 4 colours for colour coding cloths
  • For large surface areas use SUPERMAX floor cloths


PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-40021 (B) 3-40022
  (R) 3-40023 (Y) 3-40024



HEALTHCARE MAXI WIPES help maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment. These thick wash cloths have a soft texture and fast sponge absorption capabilities. In fact, that’s why they’re so popular in aged care homes, hospitals, child care and schools. The thickness and softness of the HEALTHCARE MAXI WIPES makes them ideal for swabbing and patient care. Also they have enormous absorbency capacity! This makes them perfect for the unexpected spills in aged care and child care.
Because they’re so thick, they’re more absorbent than regular surface cleaning cloths. And, this thickness gives them durability and they last a long time. Furthermore, once used, disinfect, wash and reuse. As a result, this significantly reduces the cost per wipe. Furthermore, sterilsation reduces the chance of infection and cross contamination by germs and bacteria.
Consequently, its good quality cleaning cloths like these, that underpin hygiene maintenance. However, best to compliment these quality cleaning cloths with good staff training and systems. For example, a colour coded cloth system.


A colour coding system allows specific tasks to be colour coded to specific colour cloths. Not only tasks, but areas must have a certain colour cloth. For instance, use only green cloths in the kitchens. Therefore, it becomes uncommon for a distinct colour cloth to end up cleaning an incompatible area. As a result of a colour coding system, unnecessary cross contamination of germs is prevented.
Accordingly, TIDDOX has colour coded the HEALTHCARE MAXI WIPES. In fact, we make them in GreenBlue Pink • Yellow. For instance, use Green colour wipes for kitchen cleaning and food preparation areas. And, use Pink colour cloths in bathroom and toilet cleaning areas. And Blue for general cleaning areas and tasks. Finally, Yellow indicates a colour coded cloth for specific tasks.
So if you are looking for a quality, healthcare wipe, give the MAXI WIPES a try! Colour coded cloths that offer cost savings without compromise to quality. TIDDOX’s commitment to quality without compromise will be self evident after first use. 
If you prefer a single use disposable healthcare wipe, we can also help. Consider the RAG-ON-A-ROLL, the OMNIWIPES, and the ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES ON A ROLL.

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