10 Cloths per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton • 40 cm x 34 cm

Colour: Blue 

  • Used by dental surgeries to dry instruments that have been through the ultrasonic cycle
  • Used in aged care, childcare and healthcare organisations as a low lint polishing cloth
  • Soft, non-abrasive, highly absorbent wiper that works well with cleaning chemicals
  • Cleans smudges and marks off glass screens and stainless steel surfaces
  • Removes oils, grease and finger prints from surfaces
  • Hand sized wiper in convenient packaging of 10 wipes per pack
  • Dries surfaces quickly
  • Will not leave lint

Product Code: 4-40012


The MICROMAX healthcare cloths are soft, lint free, non-abrasive and highly absorbent. Caring for a patient requires sanitary surfaces and instruments and nothing less. Once dental instruments have been through the ultrasonic cycle transfer them onto a MICROMAX cloth to dry before putting them in sterilising bags. This is what makes these cloths popular with dental surgeries.
Besides dental practices, use MICROMAX cloths in aged care, child care and hospitals. These cloths keep healthcare areas clean. It is easier for germs to breed on unsanitary surfaces. Healthcare workers tend to prefer these to other childcare cleaning cloths or aged care wipes.
One of the risks involved in working in aged care is contamination. Healthcare workers get exposure to transferable diseases during clean up. Hand hygiene and surface cleanliness require special attention. In such environments the MICROMAX cloths are a worthwhile investment. They make the task of cleaning patient areas to the standard required that much easier.
To avoid contamination, healthcare workers need to use sanitary wipes. Use these cloths to clean hands after handling soiled items. Regularly wipe down instruments, equipment, and surfaces. These cloths will not corrode when wiping down organic and inorganic soiled surfaces. It is great for cleaning with chemicals. Use this cloth and chemicals to polish surfaces, includes glass and metals.
No matter the industry, products that are economic and multipurpose are always preferred. This versatile healthcare cloth also removes smudges and cleans finger marks off screens. Ideal for use on mobile devices, iPhones, iPads and monitors to polish screens.
The ultimate goal is to minimise the risk of contamination. Using the right cleaning cloth plays a huge part in achieving this goal.

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