30 cm x 60 cm • 50 wipes per pack • 12 Packs per Carton • 600 wipes per carton

Colour: White

  • Soft, gentle patient wipe used in aged care and healthcare facilities to clean and wash elderly, patients and children
  • Used in aged care facilities for personal care, and cleaning for incontinence during personal care
  • Also used in hospitals to dry endoscopes and in dental practices to dry instruments and swab chairs
  • Cleaning cloths for post operative care
  • Huge absorbency capacity so makes a great drying cloth for instruments, and other sensitive surfaces
  • High viscose content gives this cloth impressive softness and absorbency features
  • High quality cloth
  • Convenient packs of 50 wipes
  • Disposable, but can be washed and re-used


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Product Code: 1-30025


The healthcare industry uses patient wipes and medical wipes by the bundles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take care of all of these needs with one healthcare wipe? Oh, wait – you can! OMNIWIPES are developed especially for use in the healthcare industry.

Made of thick, heavy-duty spunlace fabric that works well as aged care wipes or childcare towels. Hospitals use them to dry endoscopes and wash patients. Age care use them as personal care cloths and as incontinence cleaning cloths. And, they’re soft enough to not scratch delicate skin, but also strong enough to scrub up a mess. Available in bundles of 50 white cloths per packet.

In addition to your regular wipes, ass these disposable personal towels for your aged care facility.

Not only are OMNIWIPES hygienic, they also will absorb just about anything! Also, you can use OMNIWIPES against skin to clean up patients in your aged care facility, or in the playroom at the daycare.

Don’t you hate trying to wipe jello off the face of a patient? Or even worse, if its an incontinence issue. However, don’t worry as OMNIWIPES grip even semi-solids. And they’re super absorbent too! Even better, they don’t drip, so you won’t make a bigger mess trying to clean up the original disaster.

So give HEALTHCARE OMNIWIPES CLEANING CLOTHS a go, and you’ll order them every time!


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