Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box

42 cm x 23 cm • 130 pull out sheets per box • 10 boxes per carton

Colour: White

  • Pop-up box of extra thick, extra absorbent white cloths
  • Used for heavy duty surface cleaning tasks in healthcare, hospitals, aged care and childcare
  • Hygienic, disposable, single use white wipes
  • Strong heavy weight wipes that will not fall apart
  • Great absorbing thick, strong wipes
  • Low lint and tear resistant
  • Portable, convenient dispenser box


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Product Code: 6-X6015


Healthcare workers, whether they work in hospice, a daycare, or an aged care facility, depend on absorbent, durable wipes. For example, it’s  disheartening when you go to wipe the pudding-covered face of a toddler, aged care resident or patient only to have the cloth disintegrate! Hence we made the HEALTHCARE RHINO WIPES BOX. Instead, now staff can grab a strong, absorbent wipe to do the business. And, they’re made soft enough to be used on the skin, but tough enough to soak and scrub dried cereal from a dining tray.

How’s this possible you ask? Because RHINO WIPES are made from a cellulose polypropylene material. As a result, you get strength, durability and absorbency. For example, it will easily soak up more than its weight in apple juice or – urine. That’s right, you can’t overlook the need for cleaning up bodily fluids when you work in healthcare. Whether its vomit or blood, you sometimes have to drop a towel on the mess and move on. Come back to the mess later. For instance, with the HEALTHCARE RHINO WIPES BOX, you can take care of your emergency and come back to the mess without any trouble. Then, you can scoop it up and take it to the trash. And, as these are disposable wipes, you don’t have to worry about reusing them.

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