White Rhino Rolls

220 wipes per roll • 22.5cm x 38cm • 4 Rolls per Carton

Colour: White

  • Highly absorbent, lint free, white wipes used in dental surgeries, hospitals, aged care and child care
  • Used to dry instruments in sterilisation rooms
  • Used with detergent to swab, wipe down and clean surgeries
  • Solvent resistant – does not dissolve when used with chemicals (unlike coloured wipes which can dissolve and stain surfaces).
  • The white colour shows up the dirt and stains it absorbs
  • Non-abrasive surface cleaning cloth
  • Can be used to clean and polish most surfaces including glass, stainless steel and other metals
  • Very strong, absorbent, polypropylene material
  • 220 sheets per roll is a very cost effective and economical wiping solution (especially if you are cutting each wipe to make 4 swabs as the dental practices do)
  • Wall dispensers available

Product Code: 6-X7025-PR


Healthcare facilities include dental surgeries, hospitals, aged care homes, veterinary practices and hospices. All need high quality, cost effective wipes to maintain hygienic surfaces and dry instruments.
And, by quality, we mean wipes that are strong, absorbent and tear resistant. In addition, they must be compatible with chemicals. Indeed, they must be durable enough to withstand solvents and chemicals. Finally, gold stars if the wipes don’t lint! Drum roll please…….TIDDOX’s HEALTHCARE WHITE CLEANING WIPES known as the WHITE RHINO ROLL.
If you are not already using HEALTHCARE WHITE CLEANING WIPES, give them a try! These hardy, tough wipes are multipurpose and disposable. And, perfect for keeping healthcare environments hygienic and clean, without breaking the budget!
These high-quality HEALTHCARE WHITE CLEANING WIPES are an essential part of cleaning supplies. And medical, dental and healthcare professionals love them!
Single use, disposable wipes help control the spread of germs and bacteria. And, for anything to be single use it needs to be cost effective. Hence, this product scores highly! Packaged in a roll format of 220 perforated wipes. Tear off, use and then throw away into a bin. Furthermore, the roll fits into a wall mounted wall dispenser, which is nice, but not necessary. Available in cartons containing 4 portable, convenient rolls, (wall dispenser optional). The rolls are small and portable, ideal for desks or counters for easy access. 


Used to dry instruments in sterilisation rooms before bagging them. Perfect for this task because they are so absorbent and so low linting. They are also large enough to folded in half for more effective drying. They are very absorbent because they have high concentrations of woodpulp in them. Mixed with polypropylene to making it much more durable than a paper towel.
They are also used as swabs to clean surfaces and wipe down dental chairs and other surgery surfaces. Because they are large, nurses tend to cut these healthcare white cleaning cloths into quarters to make four swabs.
They are strong and will not fall apart when soaking up those unwanted spills, including urine or vomit. They are also strong enough to not fall apart when soaked in cleaning detergent. This will be a relief to many healthcare staff tiered of coloured wipes that dissolve, or the colours that run and stain the surface. The white shows up dirt collected during cleaning.
Besides swabbing and drying instruments, these non-abrasive wipes can do other tasks too! For example, polishing equipment, instruments or glass monitors without leaving lint remnants. And, they also absorb grease and grime. Also, great surface cleaning wipes for spill control. Or just handy disposable towels to clean equipment or hands.
So, if you are not using HEALTHCARE WHITE CLEANING WIPES start now! These cost effective, disposable wipes will keep your environment safe and hygienic!
Other choices include the OMNIWIPES, the DISPENSER BOX OF RHINO WIPES, and the INDUSTRO WIPES.

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