Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

17 cm x 15 cm • 180 wipes per canister • 12 canisters per carton 

Colour: White

  • 180 hospital grade wipes to remove dirt and organic matter from surfaces
  • Kills COVID-19 in 2 minutes
  • Australian made multipurpose wipes for disinfecting surfaces
  • Highly effective germ killing solution
  • Suitable for critical care applications and infection control
  • Used in hospital operating rooms, isolation areas, neonatal units and other critical care areas
  • Also used in aged care facilities, dental and doctor practices
  • Also used in offices, restaurants, gyms, schools and child care facilities
  • Active against e.coli, salmonella and staphylococcus, with a 10 second kill time
  • Will not damage stainless steel, plastic, vinyl and upholstery surfaces
  • Refill packs available
  • Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant ARTG 334516


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Product Code: 7-2960


Generally you’ll find hospital grade wipes in medical facilities. For example, hospital staff, vets and dentists use them to wipe down surfaces. Also, they get used to clean tables and counters. For instance, in aged care, child care, gyms and offices.

Because they sanitise surfaces, these wipes help control the spread of germs. And we know, germs can kill, or cause sickness. Also, they spread quickly! So, you need to combat this risk with a strong wet wipe solution.

What are Hospital Grade Wipes?

They refer to wipes used for infection control in hospitals and other medical facilities.

In particular, the active ingredients include IPA and Chloride. Hence, once mixed with purified water, these make a strong germ killing solution.

As a matter of fact they’re Australian Made wet wipes.

Features and Uses

Not only do these wipes kill germs on surfaces, they also control the spread of germs . Hence, they get used by medical clinics and hospitals. Also, they help with hygiene and cleaning of surfaces.

And, these wipes are popular everywhere. Why? Because they control the spread of germs. Also, they clean and sanitise surfaces quickly. So this helps control germs that can spread sickness.

For instance, in medical facilities, in between patients, dentists and doctors use them to wipe down surfaces. Furthermore, these dental wet wipes / hospital wet wipes don’t stain or damage surfaces. So the vinyl coverings and metal surfaces are safe. In fact, they are perfectly safe for use on plastic and stainless steel.

Because these surface cleaning wipes do such a good job, others use them too. For example, schools, restaurants and gyms.

With 220 wipes in each can, and 12 cans in a carton, grab a couple to try them. Also, refill packs available too!

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