600 WIPES PER ROLL (50cm x 30cm) • 300m Roll

Colour: Green

  • Disposable cloths ideal for high usage kitchen and food processing areas where a bulk, low cost wiping solution is required
  • Savings through bulk packaging of wipes on a jumbo roll
  • Highly absorbent, strong durable wipes
  • Can be washed, reused, disposed
  • Floor and wall dispenser options, if required


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Product Code: 1-30011-JR


Because there’s 600 wipes on a roll, the HOSPITALITY CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL of disposable wipes is very popular. For example, in high usage kitchen and food processing areas.

Certainly, running a busy restaurant or bar requires bar towels or kitchen wipes that work as hard as you do. In fact, you need something thick and absorbent, strong and durable. And, you get this in spades from these high viscose cloths. In addition, its high viscose levels means that it soaks up gels and semi-liquids, too.

Your busboys know the difficulties in wiping up jello smeared around by that family at table 3. And, your bar back knows the problems of shining glasses with a cloth with lint. But, no worries when you introduce the HOSPITALITY CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL! Because each roll has 600 sheets of mess-cleaning wipes that will soak up any mess. Furthermore, they won’t drip, so the mess doesn’t get tracked all across the kitchen or dining area.

Also, give these towels to housekeeping, too! Certainly, they are tough enough for scrubbing and dusting.

Unquestionably, these budget-friendly hospitality cloths will save you money on janitorial supplies without any compromise in quality.

Also, the HOSPITALITY CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL measures a total of 300 meters long!

So try these professional wipes in your hotel, restaurant, or bar. Plus, add in the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER!

Additionally, other options include the CLASSIC WIPES ON A 56M ROLL and the COLOUR CODED MAXI WIPES. 

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