Classic Green Roll

125 wipes per roll • 6 Rolls per Carton • 750 wipes per carton

Colour: Green

  • 125 perforated wipes wrapped on a roll
  • Popular disposable wipes used in restaurant kitchens
  • High concentration of viscose for extra absorbency
  • Very cost effective and economical
  • Portable and convenient
  • Clip-on wall dispensers available
  • Want a bigger roll? Try the 600 wipes per 300m Jumbo Rolls!
  • Cloth Size: 45cm x 30cm


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Product Code: 1-45011-PR


Hospitality wipes are truly multipurpose. For instance, housekeeping needs a good, absorbent and soft, disposable cloth for shining mirrors and wiping up spills. And, your bar staff need a towel with which to shine glasses and polish the bar until it sparkles. Also, the kitchen staff need a cloth that will soak up spills and scrub up messes. TIDDOX’s HOSPITALITY CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL can do all of this, and more!

These green disposable towels come on a roll of 125 perforated cloths, which is bulk value compared to the typical 85-90 wipes on most rolls (nearly 50% more wipes!). Bulk packaging the perforated wipes reduces the cost of the wipes, without compromising quality. Designed specifically to absorb high viscosity liquids such as gels and other cleaning fluids. They will hold onto the fluid, making it easier to clean surfaces.


Besides the economic attraction of this product, we have a lot of restaurants that order this product for their kitchen, because of the toughness and absorbency of the towels. Each hospitality cloth is 45cm X 30cm, so it’s just the right size to do a job without getting in the way. Drop one on a spill, and it will hold together until you can get back to it, scoop it up, and take it to the garbage. Add some cleaner to it and you can scrub the back splash or stove top.

When you order this product, you get a carton with 6 rolls. That is 750 hospitality cloths you can use then throw out. And, they’re perforated, so you don’t have to tear them up getting them off the roll! Try them out for your restaurant, housekeeping or janitorial staff, or bar. You’ll find that the HOSPITALITY CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL is the one you want all the time.

Other hospitality cloths include MAXI WIPES J-CLOTHS (super absorbent sponge type viscose cloths). Also we have the antibacterial heavy duty PREMIUM ROLLS, or for packs of wipes you may prefer the CLASSIC-300’s.

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