Microfibre Fish Scale Cloths

10 Cloths per Pack • 40 cm x 40 cm

Colours: Blue or Grey

  • Specialised lint free microfibre cloths
  • Used in restaurants, hotels and hospitality venues to clean, dry and polish glasses
  • Also used to wipe down tables, counters and soak up spills
  • They clean surfaces without leaving any smears, lint or streaks
  • High quality microfibre cloths with a fish scale textured pattern
  • Soft, thick (300 gsm) cloths that are very absorbent
  • Washable and reusable cloth
  • Perfect for colour coding areas or tasks
  • For a general purpose, weft knitted elastic cloth, consider our HOSPITALITY MICROFIBRE CLOTHS


PRODUCT CODE: (B) 4-40022
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 4-40026


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If you’re looking “Lint-Free” microfibre cloths, you’ll struggle to find a better option than the HOSPITALITY FISHSCALE CLEANING CLOTHS. Not only are these high grade, premium quality cloths, they don’t release lint fibres easily. And, they’re super absorbent! Hence, you’ll find them in businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes. Because their tightly knitted micro fibres capture dirt and soak up liquids, they make the perfect kitchen cloth. Also, they leave no streaks after wiping glasses, metal surfaces or even windows. And, they come in a large 40 cm x 40 cm size. When you combine all of their features, it’s no surprise that these cloths are so popular in commercial kitchens and front of house bars and serving areas.

In addition, you can wash and reuse the HOSPITALITY FISHSCALE CLEANING CLOTHS many times. Hence, this lowers the cost per use dramatically.

So, if you’re looking for commercial grade cleaning cloths, this provides a great solution! For example, your staff can use them to wipe and dry surfaces, in both the kitchen and serving areas. Also, bar staff always need good quality cloths on hand. Best of all, they’ll dry your glasses and cutlery without leaving streaks.

Furthermore, they come in either blue or grey. So, you can colour code applications and tasks. For instance, allocate a colour to a certain area or task. As a result, you’ll reduce cross-contamination of germs.  So, not only do you improve performance, but also hygiene as well!


Another thick, absorbing cloth to consider is the colour coded MAXI WIPES. In addition, similar absorbent and colour-coded options come in rolls, such as the ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES ON A ROLL and the CLASSIC WIPES.

However, no matter which product you choose, rest assured you’ll get a premium quality product, with out any quality compromises.

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