12 cloths per packet • 20 packs per carton • 240 cloths

Colours: GreenBlueRedYellow

  • Quick Absorbing Restaurant Wiper to rapidly soak up surface spills on tables, chairs, floors.
  • Popular for fast absorbing spills in the kitchen, as well as other areas (colour coded)
  • Capable of asorbing a huge amount of liquid
  • Convenient sized packs and colours
  • Thicker sizes available in the MAXI WIPES PREMIUM or SUPERMAX
  • Sponge like absorbency – squeeze and reuse
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-38011 (B) 3-38012
  (R) 3-38013 (Y) 3-38014



The hospitality industry is one of the most booming industries when it comes to activity. The demand for food and beverages never ceases, as evidenced by the number of new cafes and restaurants that continually pop up like hot mushrooms. These businesses are not only responsible for feeding our hungry stomachs and quenching our thirsts, they are also responsible in ensuring that everything is clean and sanitized. So as part of practising proper hygiene and sanitation, most, if not all, bars, hotels, restaurants and cafe’s, ensure all steps are taken to remove any risk of food poisoning that can be acquired from a dirty kitchen, bar counter or table surface.

To help counter this risk, MAXI WIPES are specifically colour coded to ensure that the bar counter cloth is not used in the kitchen thereby bringing in germs from that area into a food preparation area. They are super absorbent cloths, available in Green, Blue, Red and Yellow, that quickly absorb spills in their designated area.

These super cloths work like sponges and rapidly absorb spills up to 8 times the weight of the cloth! Very handy in a busy hospitality environment with everything moving as fast in the kitchen as on the front of house bar and serving tables. No time to just stand around and wait for the inevitable spills to be absorbed, the MAXI WIPES spring into action and soak up huge amounts of liquid with just one wipe….so without missing a beat everything comes back to its normal cleanliness.

So, to keep on top of germs distribute a few packs of MAXI WIPES around your hospitality establishment, or in the aprons of your staff, and put your and your patrons minds at ease that all the necessary steps are been taken to ensure that not only is any germ cross-contamination unlikely between areas, but spills are likely to disappear equally fast with these super absorbent colour coded cloths!


All of a sudden, you feel abdominal pain and cramps accompanied with vomiting, nausea and watery or bloody diarrhea. These are the common symptoms of food poisoning; symptoms which may either show within a few hours or days and even weeks after eating a contaminated food.

Food poisoning occurs when food is contaminated with foreign germs and bacteria from elsewhere. The good news is that by and large this cross-contamination can be prevented and controlled though adopting various hygienic processes and procedures, one of which is introducing colour coded cloths into daily operations.

MAXI WIPES are purposely colour coded to ensure that certain coloured cloths are not used in areas where that colour is not supposed to be used, or for a task for which that colour cloth is not designated for use. For example, a red cloth allocated to cleaning toilets, urinals and washrooms must never be used in a kitchen on food preparation areas, for obvious reasons. By having different coloured cloths these mistakes are available in four fantastic colors – Green, Blue, Red and Yellow – with each color suggested to be allocated to the following tasks or areas:-

  • Green is used in kitchens and food processing areas
  • Blue is for low-risk or general cleaning areas or tasks. They can be used to clean tables and other general cleaning areas and tasks. Blue is by far the most popular colour used because this area is so broad.
  • Red is for high germ areas such as floors, bathrooms, urinals or toilets. Because of its bold color, you would instantly recognize that these cloths are specifically used in areas that have high germs.
  • Yellow can be used for areas and applications that have lower risk of infection such as counters, sinks and washroom surfaces.

The colour coding characteristics of these cloths make them sought after in the healthcare industry (aged care, childcare, schools, hospitals, and other medical organisations) and the hospitality industry (bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, cafes) where food, germs and bacteria are in close proximity to people causing potentially hazard cross-contamination.

Not only do MAXI WIPES have the benefit of being colour coded, they are also a fantastic, highly absorbent sponge. A very useful and effective way to rapidly clean up a spill on a surface. They absorb multiple times their own weight in liquid, are soft and non-abrasive so will not scratch surfaces, portable and handy to carry about. If you are not already using them in your organisation, try them now….you will not be disappointed!

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