10 cloths in a packet • 10 packs in a carton • 100 cloths

Colours: GreenBlueRedYellow

  • Restaurant Sponge Cloths for fast drying of spills on counters and table surfaces
  • Popular in all hospitality organisations, including pubs, clubs and cafes
  • Also used in back of house kitchens and toilets (Colour Coded to prevent spread of germs from one area to another) as very effective in soaking up liquids up to 8 times its own weight
  • Heavy duty weight (150 gsm). Larger and heavier available if required (see TITAN or the SUPERMAX)
  • Effective, Economical, Washable and reusable
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-40021 (B) 3-40022
  (R) 3-40023 (Y) 3-40024



Hospitality is a demanding business, with pressures in the kitchen and constant demands front of house in the serving area as staff seek to deal with the constant inflow of requests from patrons. So there is very little time for poor kitchen hygiene, dirty counter presentation, floor spills and table mess. Leave these to the MAXI WIPES!

MAXI WIPES are professional hospitality cloths that take care of these issues so hoteliers, restaurant and cafe owners can focus on the bigger issues. They are thick, absorbent sponge cloths used in hospitality businesses to wipe down table surfaces and counters, and to soak up liquid spills in kitchens and on toilet floors. Colour coding these cloths allocates a designated colour cloth to a particular area, so no hygiene issues, or cross-contamination of germs between areas that may lead to food poisoning. These viscose cloths have an incredible absorbency capability of 8 times their own weight, which provides a quick dry solution to all unexpected table spills, counter mess or floor puddles.

MAXI WIPES are colour coded, meaning that they are availble in a variety of colours, namely GREEN, RED, BLUE and YELLOW. This colour coding systems helps prevent cross contamination between areas and tasks that could lead to poisoning, or even something worse. Adopting a colour coded system for the use of wipes in the hospitality industry is very common and improves hygienic conditions and the colour variation ensures that a single cloth is not used multiple times for different purposes, for example you don’t want a situation where a bathroom cleaning cloth is mistakenly used in the kitchen for wiping the counter and tables.

The colour coding system guidelines are as follows:-

  • The Green cloths are typically designated for kitchen use and are also popular in the food processing industry.
  • The Red cloths are indicative of a high germ / risk area such as a toilet, bathroom or urinal, and the purpose of colour coding the cloths is to ensure that the red cloths don’t accidentally end up in the kitchen! Use these rather to clean the sink, washroom surfaces and bathroom counters.
  • The Blue cloths are more for general cleaning tasks and used in general areas, for example wiping down counters, tables and other low risk surface areas such as dusting or cleaning windows and mirrors.
  • The Yellow cloths are normally earmarked for speciality low risk tasks

Available in convenient packs that can be carried in staff aprons or dispensed from kitchen or bar counters. These cloths give the bar, restaurant, cafe or club a professional feel, and certainly a professional finish!. So try out these colour coded sponge MAXI WIPES, and experience their soft thickness and impressive absorption capabilities on those spills, so you can put your mind at rest that the bases are covered and you are free to focus on the bigger issues and customer care.

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