General Purpose Microfibre Cloths - Cleaning Wipes

40 cm x 40 cm • 10 Cloths Per Pack • 5 Packs Per Carton • 50 Cloths Per Carton 

Colours: Blue Green Red Yellow

  • General purpose microfibre cloths
  • Used in hospitality venues to wipe, dry and clean tables and counters
  • Large sized drying cloth that is very absorbent
  • Many colours available
  • Thick, soft pile weft knitted microfibre with elastic fabric
  • Washable and reusable, use wet or dry
  • If you have a low lint requirement, also consider our LINT FREE AND STREAK FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS



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Need reusable, washable cost effective HOSPITALITY MICROFIBRE CLOTHS? Still, the age old favorite remains the general purpose microfibre cloths. These thick 300 gsm cloths measure 40 cm x 40 cm. Moreover, they suite all purposes. In fact, you can use them in the kitchen, front of house as well as the bathrooms. But not the same cloth, please! Rather colour code the cloths. Hence, the cloths are easily separated into separate areas. For example, green kitchen microfibre cloths, blue restaurant microfibre cloths front of house and red cloths for high germ bathrooms.

Equally important, these kitchen microfibre cloths provide a cost effective, absorbent measure to all spills. They will soak up milk and other liquids in the kitchen. Similarly, they will absorb urine spills in the toilets. Likewise used to mop up alcohol off bar counters. In fact, they are a fantastic all purpose cleaning cloth.

Finally, each carton of HOSPITALITY MICROFIBRE CLOTHS contains 5 packs of 10 cloths.

In the same way, you may wish to consider our other restaurant cleaning wipes? For example, the COLOUR CODED WASH UP CLOTHS are very popular. They soak up and absorb many times their weight in liquids. Soak, squeeze, reuse. Likewise, another economical disposable cloth is the ANTIBACTERIAL HEAVY DUTY ROLLS. In fact, disposable paper towels are even more cost effective. For instance, consider the RAG ON A ROLL and JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLLS.

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