Lint-Free MicroMAX Cloths

10 Cloths per Pack • 10 Packets per Carton • 100 Cloths per Carton

Colour: Blue 

  • A soft, absorbent cloth used in restaurants, pubs, clubs
  • Used to wipe down counters, tables and stainless steel surfaces
  • Polishes and dries glasses
  • Removes oils, greases and finger prints from surfaces
  • Low linting so leaves a streak-free finish
  • Tear resistant, strong material
  • Convenient packs of 10 wipers
  • Economical, effective, reusable wipes

Product Code: 4-40012


There’s no excuse for dirty glasses and dining tables at a restaurant! In fact, tables, utensils, and surroundings should be clean at all times. Why? Because this reflects to the patrons the cleanliness of the food being served. Also, customers notice if waiters are carrying cleaning cloths. Hence, the Hospitality MicroMAX cloths provide the handy answer! Not only are they ideal for wiping down tables and counters, they’re perfect for polishing glasses too.

Furthermore, below are more reasons why restaurants prefer the Hospitality MicroMAX cloths:-

Traps and Locks Dirt Effectively :

Firstly, the Hospitality MicroMAX cloths dry faster than sponges and cotton cloths. Secondly, they don’t leave any lint residue. Hence surfaces look and feel hygienic. Thirdly, this restaurant microfibre cleaning cloth captures moisture and dirt. In fact, it’s fine fibres even pick up grease so the “gunk” does not get transferred to the next surface. Comparatively, regular cleaning cloths don’t trap dirt and absorb moisture like these restaurant cleaning wipes. As a result, this failing potentially spreads germs to other table and counter surfaces.

Great for Polishing Tables, Counters and Glasses :

Indeed, clean glasses, and polished dining pieces give any table setting a touch of elegance. In fact, one of the biggest turn-offs to a dining experience is cloudy glasses that have fingerprints on them. However, you can remove fingerprint marks and polish glasses with the MicroMAX. So, why not try these high quality restaurant microfibre polishing cloths? You won’t regret it! Not only do they make life easier, they ensure you have well-polished wine glasses.

Coupled with cleanliness is good sanitation. Hence, its important to choose the right cleaning cloths. And at an affordable price! Consequently, this is often achieved through using disposable restaurant cleaning cloths. Not only do they represent best hygienic practice, they save money too! As a result, the MicroMAX cloths tick all the boxes. And that’s why they’re the optimal choice for restaurant cleaning!

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