50 wipes per pack • 12 Packs per carton • 600 wipes per carton 

Colours: White

  • A disposable white surface cleaning cloth with super absorbency and drying capabilities, used in hospitality venues like restaurants, hotels and bars
  • High in viscose content makes this a very soft cloth great for fast absorption and drying tasks
  • Sophisticated, white cloth popular in hospitality venues
  • Disposable
  • Convenient packets of 50 wipes

Product Code: (W) 1-30025


Anyone involved in the service side of the hospitality industry knows the value of great hospitality wipes. You need something that is super absorbent and soft, but tough and affordable. OMNIWIPES check all the requirements as a kitchen wiper or general purpose cloth.

OMNIWIPES have a 90% viscosity rating, which means that they can absorb almost anything that is not solid. That means you can drop one of these cloths on a glass of spilled tea in the dining room and it will pull the moisture back into the towel and retain it. The fabric is also absorbent enough to grip jelly or cheesecake that has been smeared onto the floor.

Perhaps even better is the fact that this kitchen wiper will hold onto the fluid until you can get it to the trash can. Don’t you just hate it when you mop up a spill, and the cleaning rag drips all the way to the sink or trash? Then, you have an even bigger mess to clean up. And you had better hope that no one steps in the mess and tracks it across the floor!

This is a low-lint cloth, so it’s great for polishing glasses and shining counter tops. It’s even a favourite in housekeeping, where it’s used to shine windows and mirrors. It will absorb just about any mess the housekeeper finds in a hotel room, making it a great white rag replacement in the housekeeping department.

Try OMNIWIPES, and you’ll want to stock every department with them.

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