1000 perforated sheets per roll • 36.5cm x 35cm (350m) 

Colours: Blue

  • Jumbo roll of disposable paper towels suited to high volume usage in kitchen and food processing areas to provide an effective, low cost wiping solution
  • Three plys of thick absorbent wood pulp tissue glued together and embossed for absorbency and strength
  • Hygienic restaurant wiping solution: Tear off, wipe, dispose
  • Dispensers available

Product Code: (B) 6-67022-JR


Besides food service, the hospitality industry covers a lot of other services, including cleaning, cooking, serving, and many more. This versatile product can be used throughout the various services in hospitality to reliably soak up spills and dry hands, cutlery, glasses and surfaces. It is economically bundled in a bulk pack of 1000 perforated, disposable MULTIPLE PLIES OF THICK, GLUED & TEAR RESISTANT ABSORBENT PAPER TOWELS, perfect for the bar, the kitchen, the janitor and the housekeeping’s cart.

Sturdy, Low-Lint Hospitality Paper Towel

These environmentally-friendly, yet disposable, hospitality paper towels are made of 3 layers of tough, absorbent cellulose material. The 3 layers are glued together then embossed, which creates a tough hospitality towel that won’t shred when you get it wet. This design is specially developed for the hospitality industry where “clean” and “polish” go hand-in-hand. Your housekeeping department will love this hospitality paper towel because it is strong enough to soak with cleaner and scrub away at tough stains. Yet, it will also polish mirrors and windows without leaving lint behind. The low-lint quality of this cleaning wiper is one of its best features. It holds together better due to the multiple layers, and has better strength and higher tear resistance than single or double ply alternatives. The increased layers also increases the absorbency of the towel.

Absorbent Cleaning Wiper

Your bar and kitchen staff will turn to this cleaning towel, as well. Barkeepers love that the paper towel is strong enough to scrub lipstick stains and water spots off of glasses without leaving lint behind. It is also absorbent enough to soak up a spill without dripping all the way to the bin. These hospitality wipers are able to absorb any liquid without coming apart, and will absorb and grip semi-liquids as well. The waiters and busboys in your restaurant will keep one of these on their cart at all times, because you can’t find anything better to wipe up a blob of chocolate pudding without smearing everywhere. The kitchen staff will want their own roll for cleaning up messes and for sanitizing equipment. This is because these hospitality wipers can hold cleaning solutions and scrub away on your stove tops, without coming apart.

Affordable, High-Volume Use Wipers

The HOSPITALITY PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLL has 1000 perforated sheets on it. You can set the roll on a counter or shelf, or use our JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER to keep these cleaning cloths handy. These are single use paper towels, that can be tossed it in the garbage when you are finished, because it didn’t cost that much! We have priced our hospitality wipers so that you can eliminate one of the greatest expenses to your business – laundry. No more sorting, pre-washing, washing, drying, folding, and – well, you get the idea. Use our hospitality wiper, toss it, and you’re done! Now, wasn’t that easy?

Once you have tried TIDDOX’s HOSPITALITY PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLL, you won’t want to go back to regular paper towels or laundered hospitality cloths. They are affordably-priced, durable, and absorbent. What’s not to like?

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