HOSPITALITY “RAG ON A ROLL” • 24.5cm x 35cm • 70m Rolls
200 Perforated wipes per roll • 4 Rolls per Carton 

Colours: Blue or White

  • Disposable paper wipers used in hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and cafes to wipe down surfaces in kitchens and serving areas
  • Economical, disposable, extra thick paper towel
  • Dispensed off a perforated roll that is portable or can be mounted in a wall dispenser
  • Stronger than normal paper towels as it has a nylon scrim webbing added to its 4-ply tissue
  • Very economical wipe, and hygenic as can be disposed of after use
PRODUCT CODE:  BLUE   CTN Of 4 ROLLS:     6-41942-PR



The hospitality industry is a broad one, ranging from 5-star restaurant kitchens to bars and hotels. But one thing all of these venues have in common is the need for quick, efficient, and sanitary cleaning supplies. This is where Rag-On-A-Roll makes life easier.

“RAG-ON-A-ROLL”, or ROAR, is a hospitality scrim-reinforced roll of disposable tissue wipers designed especially to be one of the top hospitality cleaning supplies. These disposable paper towels are sturdy enough to scrub table tops and absorbent enough to help in an emergency.

How often do you see a spill ruin an entire table top or create dangerous footing in the servers’ area? ROAR can immediately staunch the flood. Roll off a few sheets of ROAR and drop them in the puddle or spill. The product is so absorbent that it will draw liquids into it, limiting the spread and mess.

Rag On A Roll is made of four sheets of wood pulp fabric layered with scrim, or nylon mesh. The fabric keeps the product soft enough to be used as a bar wipe or for polishing glasses, while the scrim produces a strong hospitality wipe that can handle serious scrubbing and cleaning jobs.

Kitchen crew can clean the grease splatters on the back splash for the grill and, from the same roll, grab a towel to shine the stainless steel prep counter. Housekeeping can use these hospitality wipes when prepping a room for a new traveller, then throw it away without breaking the bank.

No laundry, low cost – Try TIDDOX’s RAG-ON-A-ROLL disposable paper wipes that save money and increase efficiency. Plus they are perforated to reduce wastage, dispensing 200 standard sheets each time. A great portable roll of disposable hygienic wipers to have ready access to. Wall dispensers available, if required

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