SuperMAX Absorbing pads

200 XL cloths per carton • 60 cm x 50 cm

Colour: Orange

  • Industrial grade, extra thick, extra absorbent, extra large soak pads
  • Rapidly soaks up industrial spills
  • Absorbs multiple times its own weight
  • More economical than oil pads and general purpose pads
  • Ideal floor mopping pad or oil drop sheet
  • Heavy-duty, strong, absorbent pads


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Product Code: 3-60027


Undeniably, INDUSTRIAL ABSORBENT PADS face a broad range of demands. Not only must they offer super absorbency, they need to be soft as well. For example to clean and dry machinery. Also, often they must function as an absorbent floor towel. Generally, the only solution is the expensive grey general purpose sorbent pads. But, now, businesses are switching to the cheaper SuperMAX INDUSTRIAL ABSORBENT PADS. Comparatively, you get double the number of the SuperMAX pads in a carton. And, they make fantastic oil drop sheets. Furthermore, they quickly absorb factory floor spills. Additionally, you can use them to clean hands, tools and equipment.

The SuperMAX is an extra large, thick floor pad that rapidly soaks up liquids. It’s cheap cost does not match its thickness and absorbency. As a result, these large pads are ideal for high usage areas. Specifically to absorb liquids, oils, solvents and other spills.

Because of its soft viscose rayon fabric, the SuperMAX dries and absorbs very well. Hence it excels in drying equipment and absorbing spills. And, it’ll absorb many times its own weight. Because of this high viscose content, size and weight, it’s one of the most absorbent wipes around. Also, it holds absorbed liquid like a sponge.

Furthermore, this multipurpose product is durable. For example, you can use, rinse, and reuse. Surprisingly, it will retain its absorbency through many uses and laundering.

In fact, some users cut the SuperMAX into smaller sections. For example, for small clean ups or polishing jobs. However, rather save time and consider the MAXI WIPES. Similarly they also contain high levels of absorbent viscose, but are smaller (40cm x 38cm).

So, give the SuperMAX INDUSTRIAL ABSORBENT PADS a try! And you’ll soon stock them throughout your business.


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