90 wipes per roll • 50 cm x 30 cm  • 6 rolls per carton

Colour: White 

  • White rag replacement wipes for industrial cleaning
  • Absorbent of spills, including chemicals and solvents
  • Also used as soft polishing cloths, on metal and windows
  • Low linting wipes for lint-sensitive cleaning and delicate surfaces
  • Great for cleaning machinery, and absorbing grease and oils.
  • Absorbent wipes for drying hands, mopping spills and cleaning equipment
  • Low cost, multipurpose, disposable wipes
  • Wall dispensers available


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Product Code: 6-50015-PR


Because INDUSTRIAL AMBIWIPES ROLLS absorb solvents, chemicals and lubricants, they are handy in a workshop. In fact these solvent resistant wipes have great absorbency. So, use them to dry your hands, soak up a floor spill or apply lubricant. Also, these tough wipes are tear resistant, and able to absorb grease and oils. Furthermore, they are very low linting. Hence, you can use them for cleaning lint-sensitive surfaces. For example, cleaning machinery or polishing glass windows. Furthermore, as they are soft to the touch. Hence, they won’t scratch surfaces, so you can use them for sensitive cleaning tasks. And, they make great workshop hand drying towels.


Although INDUSTRIAL AMBIWIPES ROLLS typically sit on a workbench, we do have clip-on wall dispensers. And each carton has 6 rolls of 90 perforated wipes.


However, instead of rolls, your task may prefer the smaller cut AMBIWIPES PACKS. Also, there are the larger cut INDUSTRO WIPES. Both are made from the same solvent absorbing, low lint, cellulose polyester material.


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