TIDDOX Coloured T-Shirt Rags

20 Kg bags • 10 Kg bags • 5 Kg bags • 1.5 Kg bags


  • Economical general purpose workshop rag
  • Popular in manufacturing, engineering and industrial industries
  • Very absorbent cotton T-shirt material
  • Absorbs fluids, chemicals, grease, oil and solvents
  • Recycled, environmentally friendly, t-shirt material
  • Metal detected, safe, no foreign objects
  • Soft, low lint fabrics
  • Bulk packaged and portable bags


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Product Code: 8-30029


Because there’s lots of spills in workshops, the most popular workshop rag is INDUSTRIAL COLOURED TSHIRT RAG. Not only are they incredible absorbent, they’re the lowest cost option of all the rag types. Hence, ideal if you’re using lots of them on a weekly basis. And, because they’re soft, they don’t scratch or damage surfaces. So, you can use them as polishing cloths. Also, they relatively low linting.

Importantly, we pride ourselves in our effective, safe and clean industrial cleaning rags. As such, all of our rags undergo metal detection. Thus, this removes harmful metal bits that might cause scratches or damage when used. In fact, we carefully select our INDUSTRIAL COLOURED TSHIRT RAG from premium quality recycled T-Shirt materials. And, all of our rags undergo meticulous metal detection.

There are many uses for COLOURED TSHIRT RAG. For example, wiping grease off tools, hands and equipment. Also soaking up oil and fuel spills that might occur. In addition, they work well in removing or applying chemicals and cleaning agents.

In conclusion, seldom will you find such an inexpensive solution which suits most industrial cleaning tasks. So, try our hygienic, safe industrial cleaning rags! Packed in 20 kg, 10 kg or 5 kg bags. Cost savings without compromising quality.

We also have rag alternatives in the JUMBO RHINO ROLL and CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. And, for surface preparation, low lint jobs consider our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES.

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