10KG and 5KG BAGS

Colours: Mixed

  • Economical workshop rag used in manufacturing, engineering and industrial industries for cleaning tasks involving grease, oil & solvents
  • Washed and recycled, environmentally friendly
  • Metal detected, safe, no foreign objects
  • Soft, low lint, very absorbent cotton T-shirt material
  • Bulk packaged and portable bags
  • Economical, cost effective wiper

Product Code: 8-30029


Since the beginning of time (well almost …) factories have always used workshop rags made from old T-shirt cotton fabrics, because they are relatively inexpensive, come bulk packaged, are great at absorbing oils, chemicals and other industrial spills, and they have a soft, low linting, non-abrasive texture. Well…nothing has really changed, and the traditional rag of choice in engineering, manufacturing and industrial environments is still “bags of rags”. What has changed, is that the recycled T-shirts are washed so are more hygienic, and most of the rags these days are also metal detected to remove any harmful zips or buttons that might cause scratches or damage when used.

COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS are an ideal, quick and economical solution to common risky spills and messes that occur in industrial sites and on factory floors. Recycled rags are also great for wiping grease off tools, hands and equipment and soaking up oil and fuel spills that might occur. The soft non-abrasive cotton fabric is well suited to polishing applications and cotton T-Shirts work well with, and are highly absorb of, chemical and cleaning agents. They are also relatively inexpensive and easily disposable which suits the industrial applications for which they are typically used.

Whilst not all suppliers maintain the hygiene and safety standards mentioned above, TIDDOX is proud of its RHINO RAGS, which contain environmentally friendly recycled T-Shirt scraps that have been put through the meticulous sorting, laundering and metal detection processes required to produce effective, safe and clean industrial cleaning rags.

So, if you’re looking for hygienic, safe industrial cleaning rags, packaged in either 10kg or 5kg bags, try TIDDOX’s RECYCLED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS knowing you are getting a quality value for money product used by industrial businesses nationwide.

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