150 Cloths per pack • 10 Packets per Carton • 22cm x 22cm

Colours: White

  • Suited to sensitive industrial wiping tasks where no lint is allowed, or wiping of delicate surfaces, such as circuit boards, electronics, and instrument manufacture
  • Used in cleanrooms and the pharmaceutical industry, so great care taken to ensure the wipes are washed and purified using de-ionized water
  • Very soft polyester fabric, which is classed as heavy weight allowing for greater absorption
  • Strong textile polyester fibres, double knitted and laser cut to minimise any particle and fibre release
  • Can be used with chemicals

Product Code: 6-22022


Controlled environments, whether it be spray booths or pharmaceutical manufacturing, need to maintain strict quality regulations when it comes to hygiene and pollutants that enter these environments. It is important to keep such environments clean and sterile, and the best way to do that is to use a cleaning cloth that has been specifically designed for such applications, such as the POLYSOFT industrial lint-free wipes. These wipes are vacuum packed in a sterile cleanroom environment after they have been washed multiples times and purified in deionized water to remove ionised particles from their fibres. This strict process, together with the tight double knit weave of the polyester fabric, results in a lint-free wipe that is not only sterile, but also is unlikely to release loose fibres or particles in the wiping process.

Research laboratories, food processing units, specific industrial manufacturing and engineering plants, electronic manufacturing, medical equipment, cleanrooms and any other controlled manufacturing environment typically specify the requirement to use such a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleaning cloth.

POLYSOFT industrial lint-free wipes are the perfect solution to sensitive manufacturing cleaning. Their continuous double stitched fiber minimises the particle count and the laser cut edges further reduces the risk of any lint or loose fibers being left behind on the surface. As such, they are well suited to delicate wiping tasks on circuit boards, sensitive instruments, electronics or certain medical manufacturing equipment where no lint is allowed.

The texture of the cloth is incredibly soft and non-abrasive to ensure delicate surfaces remain unharmed. The strong polyester fiber also makes them fit for heavy-duty industrial use. They are absorbent and can be used with chemicals for cleaning purposes and will effectively wipe any liquid or oils. This versatile lint-free wipe can be used on processing production lines to wipe any kind of surface, including glass, steel, PVC, iron and aluminum.

So, whether you are looking for a lint-free wipe or have an wiping application or environment where it is important to control any risk of contamination or pollutants, try the POLYSOFT wipes! Each pack contains 150 lint-free wipes (22cm x 22cm) ready for use on sensitive surfaces and/or in critical environments.

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