Lint Free Wipes

150 Cloths per pack • 10 Packets per Carton • 23 cm x 23 cm

Colour: White

  • Lint-free wipes for cleaning valves, engines, and lint-sensitive equipment parts
  • Suited to lint-sensitive cleaning tasks and wiping delicate surfaces
  • Good wipes for lint-sensitive cleaning equipment (especially to larger Equipment Cleaning Wipes)
  • Used in manufacturing plants and automotive workshops
  • Also used in cleanrooms, printing and pharmaceutical businesses
  • Ideal for cleaning of circuit boards, electronic parts and instruments
  • Double knit construction and laser cut edges to prevent any fibre release
  • High purity and low contamination wipes
  • Soft, non-abrasive fabric
  • Heavy weight material enhances absorption capabilities
  • Strong tear resistant fibres
  • Compatible with chemicals
  • Other options include a bigger cut wipes (30cm x 30cm) or a small cut wipes (10cm x 10cm)


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Product Code: 6-22022



Because certain tasks need lint-free wipes, we’ve made the POLYSOFT WIPES! So, ideal for cleaning valves, engines, lint-sensitive equipment parts or instruments. Specifically, they won’t leave any lint residue on the surface. Hence, they’re popular with component manufacturers. Also, ideal for cleaning engines and other equipment parts. And used in cleanrooms, labs, spray booths, etc. In fact, any task which needs sensitive and delicate wipes. So, grab a pack of POLYSOFT industrial lint-free wipes, and see what we mean!

Not only do these wipes give a lint-free finish, but they’re soft too. So, they won’t scratch delicate surfaces. And, they come washed and purified.  In addition, they get vacuum packed in a sterile cleanroom. So, you get ultra pure, clean wipes

How do we make them lint-free? Well, we choose a tight knit weave fabric. Next, we laser seal the edges. So, after these two steps, the risk of loose fibres reduces a lot. Hence, you can use them on lint-sensitive surfaces. For instance, wiping delicate parts, equipment and instruments. Even circuit boards. In fact, any task that needs soft textured, non-abrasive wiping. And, because of their strength, they suit heavy-duty industrial jobs too. For example, cleaning automotive parts and factory equipment. Also, they have good absorbency. And you can use them to apply chemicals.
So, if you need lint-free wipes, try POLYSOFT WIPES! Ideal for tasks where you do not want any lint. 


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