10 cloths per pack • 10 packs per carton • 100 cloths

Colours: Green • Blue • Red • Yellow

  • Industrial Fast Action Sponge Cloth, capable of absorbing 8 times its own weight in liquid or fuel
  • Suited to Manufacturing, Engineering and Industrial factory settings to deal with unexpected absorption tasks from flooding, fuel spills, vehicle washing etc
  • Larger sizes available see SUPERMAX floor pads in Related Products
  • Portable packs of super absorbent wipes
  • Thick, strong, durable
  • Like a sponge, squeeze, rinse, reuse…..although inexpensive enough to be disposable
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-40021 (B) 3-40022
  (R) 3-40023 (Y) 3-40024



No longer do industrial, manufacturing and engineering businesses need to rely on bulky bags of rags for industrial cleaning tasks around the workshop floor and in factories. Today there are cleaner, more effective options when it comes to industrial cleaning cloths, and one of the more impressive rag alternatives are the soft, smooth textured, viscose cloths called MAXI WIPES.

MAXI WIPES are thick, absorbent, industrial cleaning cloths that are capable of absorbing oil, solvents, chemicals, unexpected rain and fuel….and lots of it…these cloths absorb many multiples their own weight! They operate like a mini-shammy or sponge and quickly absorb liquids, which the user can then wring out and reuse the cloth. They are tough and hardy due to their rayon fibres, and can be laundered and reused, giving them a longer life.

Hand sized, and available in convenient packs of 10 wipes, in a variety of colours, MAXI WIPES are less bulky and easier to handle than bags of rags, with resultant savings on transport and storage. They are also more hygienic, and more consistent in both size and absorbency than recycled rags. The portable packs can be kept on workshop benches for quick access to deal with any unexpected spills, and are colour coded should there be a requirement to allocate certain tasks or areas to one colour of cloth.

Made from a highly absorbent rayon material, that is tough and tear resistant, MAXI WIPES are a strong, durable wiper that can be used as economical and effective manufacturing wipes in a factory or industrial environment, with the ability to provide an industrial wiping solution that is cost effective yet offers amazing wiping results.

So if you are a marina, engineering company, manufacturer, miner or an industrial factory, and you are still using bags of coloured and white recycled t-shirt rags, switch over and give these industrial cloths a go next time you need to soak up unexpected rain water in the factory, mop up up fuel, wipe down oil and grease, or any other task that requires a fast absorption drying cloth

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