Lint Free Microfibre Cloths

40 cm x 40 cm • 10 Cloths Per Pack 

Colours: Blue Grey

  • Great rag replacement cloth for drying surfaces and equipment
  • Used in manufacturing, engineering and factories as a general purpose workshop rag
  • Soft, non-abrasive fish scale texture that will not scratch or damage surfaces
  • In fact, the texture enhances the cloth’s cleaning performance
  • Absorbent cloths that dry surfaces rapidly
  • Long lasting, durable cloths with high elasticity
  • Launder and reuse
  • Economical, cost effective, disposable cleaning solution

In addition, for lint sensitive tasks, try our LINT-FREE MICROMAX CLOTHS .


PRODUCT CODE: Blue 4-40022
PRODUCT CODE: Grey 4-40026


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Because certain tasks require a soft cleaning cloth, we made the INDUSTRIAL MICROFIBRE CLOTHS. For example, polishing gauges, cleaning machinery and equipment, or drying instruments. In addition to their non-abrasive fish scale texture, they also offer high absorbency. In fact, the tiny micro fibres are great for soaking up and retaining large amounts of liquid. And, dirt too! Furthermore, these industrial strength cloths work well for all sorts of general purpose cleaning and drying tasks.

Moreover, these cloths are washable and reusable. Hence, they offer a reduced cost per use. And you can use them dry or with cleaning chemicals.

In addition, choose from one of two colours, namely Blue or Grey. Hence, you’re able to allocate certain colours to certain areas of the workshop, or specific tasks.

Besides this product, for lint-free polishing cloths, also consider our MICROMAX CLOTHS.

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