Lint-Free MicroMAX Cloths

40 cm x 34 cm• 10 Cloths per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton • 100 Cloths per carton 

Colour: Blue 

  • A delicate lint-free wipe for cleaning and drying sensitive surfaces
  • Ideal for wiping glass, stainless steel, screens and instruments
  • Perfect for removing oil, grease and finger prints from surfaces
  • Very absorbent, with a smooth, non-abrasive texture
  • Tear resistant
  • Compatible with cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Gives a  streak-free wiping result


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Product Code: 4-40012



Because delicate surfaces need soft cloths we made the INDUSTRIAL MicroMAX cloths. As a result they’re now used in industrial, engineering and electronics businesses. For instance, when cleaning a lint-sensitive surface. In fact, we would struggle to find a better option for such jobs! Not only is it soft and smooth, but also very absorbent. Hence, ideal for delicate cleaning tasks. For example, wiping glass, screens and stainless steel surfaces.
And, the INDUSTRIAL MicroMAX cloths have a bunch of other features:

Low Linting and Versatile

Finally, a versatile non-scratch cloth suited to delicate surface cleaning! Firstly, they’re made from strong fibres. As a result, they have minimal fibre release. So, the MicroMAX leaves a lint-free finish after wiping. For example, after polishing glass, computer screens and iPads. And, great for cleaning stainless steel. Also, good to dry machinery parts and instruments. Use wet or dry, with or without chemicals.

Strong, Industrial MicroMAX cloths

Another feature is its chemical resistance. They’re strong, durable and tear-resistant wipes. And, they won’t corrode or tear easily.

Efficient Cleaning Cloths

As a result of its tiny fibres, the MicroMAX traps dirt. So, it ranks highly when it comes to efficiency. Also, it has great absorbency.
Disposable and Cost Effective
Not are the INDUSTRIAL MicroMAX cloths disposable, but also cost-effective. In fact, you can reuse them a couple of times. However, they’re still “disposable wipes”. So, grab a packs of wipes and spread a few around.

Similarly, other cloths include the JUMBO RHINO ROLL and WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Likewise, these would also suit challenging wiping tasks.


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