50 wipes per pack • 12 packs per carton • 600 wipes per carton 

Colour: White

  • White rag replacement cloth with incredible absorbency
  • Industrial strength and durability
  • Non-abrasive, soft textured material
  • Great cloth for rapid drying tasks
  • Also, ideal cloth for applying varnish to wood finishes
  • Convenient packs of wipes
  • Less bulky than bags of rags
  • Easier to transport and store than rags
  • Disposable wipes


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Product Code: 1-30025


INDUSTRIAL OMNIWIPES are high quality, cleaning rag replacement cloths. Not only disposable, but also cheaper than white rags. In fact, many businesses switch from white T-Shirt rags to these cleaner, more effective wipes. And, they’re less bulky, and more hygienic! Also, OMNIWIPES offer high levels of absorbency. Also, unlike rags, each cloth offers consistent performance. So, try them out and grab a pack of 50 wipes.

Because they don’t have zips, buttons or pins, INDUSTRIAL OMNIWIPES won’t scratch surfaces. Hence, an ideal cloth for applying varnish to wood finishes. In fact, great on all scratch-sensitive wiping tasks. For example, they’re great for wiping down machinery and equipment. And, they’ve very high levels of fluid absorbency. In fact, OMNIWIPES quickly absorb liquids and retain fluids. For instance, they rapidly soak up floor spills and hydraulic leaks. In fact, they’ll mop up flammable liquids and dangerous chemicals too. And, their white colour shows up dirt, grease, oil and grime. Hence, an all round, cost-effective cloth for all of your maintenance needs. Together, all of these features make INDUSTRIAL OMNIWIPES a great replacement for white rags.

So, try these white rag replacements wipes. Not only clean and disposable, but low linting too! Because it’s a soft and low linting cleaning wipe, it’s perfect for polishing lenses and mirrors. Arguably one of the best all-in-one disposable cloths on the market!

Other rag alternatives include the JUMBO RHINO ROLL and WHITE RHINO ROLL.

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