Jumbo Paper Towel Roll

3-ply blue paper roll • 1000 sheets per roll • 36 cm x 35 cm (350 m)

Colour: Blue

  • Jumbo roll of thick, absorbent disposable cleaning towels ideal for high industrial usage areas
  • Use to clean hands, tools and equipment of grease, oils and grime
  • Low cost general purpose wiping towel
  • Convenient, easy tear-off perforated sheets for standard sizes and reduced wastage
  • Cost effective alternative to rags
  • Thick, absorbent 3-ply paper tissue
  • High wet strength and tear resistance
  • Absorbs oils, grease and solvents easily
  • Low lint
  • Dispensers available


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Product Code: 6-67022-JR


Looking for an economical alternative to rags? Why not try TIDDOX’s absorbent INDUSTRIAL JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL? Why? Because, these are rag replacement wipes – they replace bags of rags! And, they’re heavy duty, strong, and absorbent. Also, factories, garages and automotive workshops love them! Not only do they reduce costs, but also ideal for cleaning or drying hands, tools, equipment. Moreover these thick wipes soak up spills, including solvents, lubricants, oils, grease and dirt.

In addition, they have great thickness, tear strength and high wet strength. Specifically, 3 ply’s of mixed cellulose tissue embossed and glued together. And, this process improves tensile strength and absorbency. So, the result is an effective industrial towel that provides an efficient wiping experience!

The 3-ply blue paper roll towels have low-lint and non-scratch features. Subsequently making these disposable paper wipes suited to polishing sensitive equipment parts.

TIDDOX’s industrial 3-ply blue paper roll is made from recycled pulp and pure cellulose. Moreover, each roll comprises 1000 perforated sheets of standard size to reduce wastage

Therefore, these industrial wipes serve a multitude of purposes. Indeed, the busier your spaces are, the more towels your workers will go through. Hence, it’s so important to have an affordable paper towel for their use. And, if the paper is strong enough, it might even be used in place of other cloths! So, here you have it – a multipurpose INDUSTRIAL JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL that will stand up to tough use!


Because the sheets are perforated every 35 cm, they’re easy to tear off and in standard sizes. And, each sheet is 3-plys thick, glued and embossed. As a result, they’re really strong and tear resistant. Furthermore, these paper towels stay strong when they get wet. Therefore, they can be used with solvents to scrub up stains and messes. For example, they’re strong enough to be used to clean factory equipment, hand tools, and work surfaces. And, for instance, absorbent enough to clean up spills without smearing the liquid or gel all over the place. In fact, a hydraulic leak on a machine is no problem. Indeed, just drop our industrial paper towels on the spot, and they’ll soak up the drips until someone can get back to it. Moreover use them to polish surfaces, clean work areas, and scrub oil and grease off of your machinery and tools.

Hence, manufacturers, automotive, printing or similar businesses love these industrial paper towels. And at an affordable price too! Also, we highly recommend these premium disposable blue paper towels.

Furthermore, our portable floor stands, or fixed wall dispensers, make dispensing these disposable towels easy.

However, for thicker, stronger material than 3-ply paper tissue, you may wish to consider the following products from TIDDOX’s range of jumbo industrial rolls. For example, the JUMBO RHINO ROLL (BLUE), or the JUMBO CLASSIC ROLL (GREEN).  And, all jumbo rolls fit our JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER.

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