HEAVY DUTY RHINO WIPES (32cm x 41cm)   
160 pull out sheets per box • 4 boxes per carton 

Colours: White

  • Pop-up dispenser box of thick, absorbent industrial workshop wipers used to clean oil, solvents, chemicals, machinery, equipment and hands
  • Ideal for low lint wiping tasks where a disposable wiper is required
  • Heavy duty material will absorb solvents, oils, chemicals easily
  • Strong woodpulp polypropylene fabric that is tear resistant
  • Convenient, portable dispenser box for industrial workshop bench tops

Product Code: 6-X8025


Heavy Duty RHINO WIPES are exactly what you need on the shop floor. Manufacturers use these tough, absorbent industrial cloths to clean up messes and clean machinery and tools.

RHINO WIPES are polypropylene reinforced fabric made from wood pulp. This provides you with a durable towel that can be used for scrubbing with solvents or chemicals without coming apart. This low lint product is perfect for cleaning equipment and shining mirrors and lenses, so it is often used for machines and tools with very fine tolerances.

Use it on the manufacturing floor for leaks and spills. That hydraulic leak that maintenance just can’t seem to control? Drop one of our RHINO WIPES on the spot, and it will continue to soak up the fluids until it reaches capacity. Then, you can pick up the cloth and take it to the trash bin without it coming apart or dripping. Chemicals will not make this industrial cloth come apart, and it is durable when scrubbing or wiping down parts with sharp edges or corners.

The wipes are packaged in a portable carton dispenser box that sits conveniently on workbench tops. One pop-up dispenser has 160 pull-out sheets of RHINO WIPES. A carton includes 4 boxes, which gives you enough to place them strategically around the workspaces for quick use by your employees.

Perhaps best of all, these industrial cloths are disposable! That’s right, you can use them up, use them over and over, and then throw them away. Order your first case of INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES today, and you won’t want any other kind of towel in your facility.

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