50 wipes per pack • 6 packs per carton • 300 wipes per carton 

Colours: White

  • A low lint woodpulp wiper that is very absorbent of solvents with one side that is rough textured for abrasive wiping and the other side is smooth
  • Very absorbent of industrial fluids such as oil, solvents, chemicals and cleaning agents
  • The abrasive side is great for stubborn dirt removal tasks
  • The smooth side great for non-abrasive polishing tasks
  • 2 wipers in one cloth!
  • Will not break down when in contact with solvents unlike some flimsy wipers
  • Polyester content gives the wiper its strength and durability

Product Code: (W) 6-38025


Industrial wipers have to be tough enough to get the job done, but soft enough to be used on delicate machinery. With TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT INDUSTRIAL WIPES, you can have it all!

These absorbent cloths are made of wood pulp reinforced with polyester. The wood pulp material is super-absorbent, which helps to contain spills and leaks that happen on the manufacturing floor. Don’t you hate it when there is a hydraulic leak that someone steps in and tracks all over the floor? You won’t have that problem with TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT INDUSTRIAL WIPES. Drop one of these towels on the spill and it will soak it up, holding onto the mess until you can get it to the trash can.

One side is abrasive and can be used to scrub dirty surfaces. The other side is soft and just right for polishing surfaces such as lenses and mirrors. Plus it is made of a low-lint material so can be used on low-variance tools and other delocate surfaces.

One package of these solvent-resistant wipers has 50 towels in it. The whole package takes up less room than a bag of rags with the same number, but will absorb as much if not more liquids and semi-liquids. These are white towels that come 6 packages to a case. This allows you to place one package of industrial cleaning wipes in each of your work areas so they will be handy to clean up messes.

Try our solvent-resistant industrial wipes, and you won’t want any other towel in your shop.

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