200 XL cloths per carton • 60cm x 50cm

Colours: Orange only

  • Industrial Grade, Extra Thick, Extra Absorbent, Extra Large Rayon Soak Pad
  • Absorbs over 8 times its own weight
  • More economical than oil pads and general purpose pads
  • Rapidly soaks up industrial spills
  • Ideal Floor Mopping Pad or Oil Drop Sheet
  • Heavy Duty, Strong, Durable

Product Code: (O) 3-60027


Industrial wipes often face a broad range of demands. They need to be super absorbent, but wring out with ease. They need to be soft and supple enough to be used on delicate machinery, but tough enough to be used as a floor towel. The SuperMAX industrial wipe fits all of these descriptions!

The viscose rayon fabric in the SuperMAX never loses its ability to drape to fit the shape beneath it. Use it to dry off equipment, absorb spills, or polish machinery. This industrial towel will absorb up to 8 times as much as its own weight, making it one of the most absorbent wipes on the market. Perhaps even better, is that it is able to hold the absorbed liquid, preventing causing even a bigger mess.

The SuperMAX can be cut into smaller sections so that employees can keep them handy for small clean up or polishing jobs. Alternatively, consider the Industrial MAXI WIPES, made of the same high concentrations of viscose rayon fibres, but cut to smaller sized cloths measuring 40cm x 38cm.

The SuperMAX is extra large, thick floor mat that is handy in situations which require rapid soaking up of liquids may cause a slippery floor. It’s relatively inexpensive cost does not match its thickness and absorbency capabilities, making these large pads a useful resource in high usage areas to absorb liquids, oils, solvents and other challenging industry spills that require a quick solution.

Use the SuperMAX to clean hands, tools and equipment. This multi-use industrial wipe is durable and can be washed repeatedly without “pilling” or getting stiff. It will retain its absorbency through many uses and laundering.

Give the SuperMAX industrial wipe a try, and you’ll soon stock them throughout your business.

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