INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES • 25cm x 30cm  
120 wipes per bucket • 4 buckets per carton 

Colours: White

  • Portable dispensers of pre-moistened general purpose wipes, with advanced ingredient that cleans adhesives, sealants, paints and varnishes, as well as grease, oils, dirt and grime from surfaces, hands, tools and equipment
  • Very strong material, extra large, and dispenses easily by pulling them out from the top of the bucket
  • Wipe Size: 25cm x 30cm Can Qty: 120 wipes
  • Portable and convenient

Product Code: 5-50022


Cleaning up grease can be a real challenge for even the best wet wipes. That’s why you need TIDDOX’s industrial GREASE WET WIPES. They are specifically designed with safe solvents that will cut through all kinds of grease. The mechanic’s rag and the caretaker’s wet wipe are combined in this wiper which comes in canisters of 70 wipes.

Clean your hands, tools, and other surfaces with these grease wet wipes. They are pre-moistened and work equally well on both smooth and textured surfaces. In fact, the wipe itself has texture on one side for those tough scrubbing jobs, but is smooth on the other side for use against delicate skin. The citrus smell of these cleaning cloths freshen your work area and leave a sanitizing smell on hands and tools after wiping, letting you know they are doing the job.

Use them to remove grease from the backsplash behind the kitchen stove or from your hands after changing a U-joint on the car. Use them to scrub dripped paint from a hardwood floor or to remove graffiti from outdoor cladding. These truly are multipurpose industrial wet wipes, and are use across industries for various grease, grime, oil anf graffitti removal tasks.

Portable and convenient cannisters, with pullout wipers that each measures 25cm X 30cm. There are 4 cans of 120 wipes in each carton. Ideal for use in automotive workshops, panel beaters, industrial factory settings, or when on the move in an ambulance, panel van or work truck. Give them a try, and you will agree with us: TIDDOX’s INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES are the best on the market! Used in a variety of industries from the medical sector to the painiting industry:-


When a person thinks of the medical profession, the first thought when it comes to fluids is not grease. Urine, blood, fecal matter – all of these come to mind, but grease? Not so much. However, our grease wet wipes will cut through some of the gummiest, nastiest smears you encounter, and do so safely. Dispose of the wipes, and be done!


Car detailers love the grease wet wipes. They are perfect for detailing hard-to-reach places that are often neglected, like the knobs on electronics on the dash, the screens over gauges, and more. These cloths will cut through greasy fingerprints, leaving a shine behind.


Anyone who works on an assembly line or in manufacturing will encounter messes that need immediate cleanup. These grease wet wipes are just the thing for cleaning off your hands and forearms before moving on to the next job. They will cut through accumulated grime on cutting and polishing surfaces too.


The workshop recycled TShirt rag may get off the bulk of grime, but it’s knobby texture and lack of absorbency smears spills. A wet wipe specifically designed for grease will clean your tools and hands quickly and efficiently


A portable canister of cleaning wipes is just the thing to keep handy for your janitor or kitchen staff. These grease-cutting wet wipes cut through even stubborn cooking spatter. Your housekeeping staff will love them for fingerprints and spills.


Most aged care and daycare facilities go through dozens of wipes a day. They are used for faces and bottoms, for hands and for table tops. These grease-fighting wet wipes cut through grime and slick stuff quickly.


These citrus-scented wet wipes remove solvents, inks, oils, and grease from your floors and work surfaces. Stop the spread of fingerprints and grime with these handy wipers!


These wet wipes are just the right size to be useful when cleaning up small marks and splatters of paint. They will dissolve paint, clean graffiti, and soak paint from your hands and paint brushes.

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