220 wipers per roll • 22.5cm x 38cm • 4 Rolls per Carton 

Colours: White

  • A tough, low lint wiper used in surface preparation tasks involving oil, grease, solvents, paints and chemicals
  • Used in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Industrial workshops as a disposable low lint wiper used to clean hands, metal and glass surfaces, tools and equipment
  • 220 absorbent polypropylene wipes on a centerfeed roll
  • Solvent Resistant
  • High volume usage disposable wiper
  • Cost effective rag replacement option

Product Code: 6-X7025-PR


Industrial cleaning is dirty work! In fact, cleaning factories and other industrial job sites is probably one of the hardest jobs, particularly when one needs to clean up lubricants, paint and solvents, or wipe down heavy machinery, fibre glass and rough surfaces. These types of industrial cleaning tasks are challenging and need to be tackled with tough and absorbent industrial wipers.

Luckily RHINO WIPES are available to lend a hand and make the tough jobs easier! These tough, absorbent industrial wipers are specifically manufactured to tackle these sorts of challenging industrial cleaning tasks!

Now available in roll format, the WHITE RHINO ROLL is a smooth, non-abrasive manufacturing cleaning cloth. Made from absorbent woodpulp polypropylene fibres it is the ideal industrial cleaning material for soaking up oils, lubricants, paint and solvents, and also tough enough so that it will not tear easily, even when used with strong industrial cleaning chemicals.

Aside from its durability, the WHITE RHINO ROLL has the added benefit of also being a low lint manufacturing cleaning cloth. This means that after wiping down the machinery or other surfaces, these wipers will not leave behind any fibres from the cloth, unlike some of the other wipers made from alternative materials.

Being white in colour, this cloth also has the advantage of showing up grease and oil easily, unlike coloured t-shirt rags. Whilst white T-shirt rags are best for showing up dirt, grease and grime, they are very expensive compared to the 220 white wipes on each RHINO ROLL.

This is a convenient industrial wiping solution. These small rolls are easily carried in vehicles or stored on work top benches (all dispensers are also available if preferred), and the tough material is perforated for easy tearing and reduced wastage.

So, instead of reaching for a bulky bag of workshop rags next time there is an industrial spill to clean, or equipment to be wiped down or surfaces to be prepared, give the WHITE RHINO ROLL a try and enjoy the cost savings that this tough little wiper has to offer! 

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