TIDDOX White T-Shirt Rags

20 Kg bags • 10 Kg Bags • 5 Kg bags •  1.5 KG BAGS

Colour: White

  • Premium quality, low lint, absorbent rags
  • Used by printers, painters and other industrial businesses
  • Recycled, eco-friendly, absorbent tshirts and singlets
  • The white colourless rag shows up grease, oil, ink, solvents etc.
  • Low linting rag suited to low lint industrial cleaning tasks
  • Cost effective and economical
  • Safe and metal detected
  • Available in various sized bags


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Product Code: 8-30025


Because it’s hard to find safe, metal detected industrial WHITE TSHIRT RAGS, if you find a reliable supplier stick with them! Because, the quality of the rag is just as important as the price. In fact, quality varies tremendously from one supplier to another. For example, not all white rags are not as low linting nor absorbent as each other. Because they’re graded differently. Hence, if you want quality, consistency and reliability, stick with our white bags of rags. You can rely on TIDDOX’s rags to reduce inconsistency and increase productivity!

Furthermore, by choosing our recycled rags, you help reduce landfill wastage.

In addition, because we are located in each state, there’s no need to accept poor quality rags! For instance, rags that have not been metal detected, or present a health hazard. Furthermore, low quality rags don’t absorb well! Hence, stick with our high quality WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS! They’ll absorb liquids, inks, oils, solvents, chemicals, paints and grease too. And, the white rags’ lack of colour highlights any dark substances absorbed. In fact, the thickness of the rag increases its absorbency. Moreover, the soft cotton fibers make them ideal for polishing. 

However, don’t take our word for it. Ask the various national chains nationwide that choose TIDDOX as their rag supplier. Why? Because we’ve a reputation for supplying premium quality industrial white tshirt rags. As a result, our rags are used in manufacturing, engineering, printing, painting, marine and mining businesses nationwide. 


Other alternatives to using white rags include WHITE RHINO ROLL, and LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES.

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