10KG and 1.5KG BAGS

Colour: White

  • Industrial cleaning rags used in manufacturing, engineering, mining where a white colourless rag is required to show up grease, oil, ink, solvents etc
  • Recycled T-Shirts are more absorbent than new cotton material, making these washed white cotton rags highly absorbent wipers
  • Low linting general workshop rag suited to heavy industrial cleaning tasks
  • Relatively inexpensive wiper, however more expensive than mixed coloured cotton t-shirts due to the relative scarcity of white t-shirt rags
  • Washed, recycled, metal detected
  • Environmentally friendly wiping solution
  • Available in 10kg bags (white cotton in 1.5kg bags)

Product Code: 8-30025


Industrial cleaning rags have to be chosen carefully due to how difficult it is to find clean, safe, metal detected, heavy-duty recycled WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS to clean industrial spills in an efficient manner. That’s why our white bags of rags are the solution to your industrial needs. Our RHINO RAGS are all environmentally friendly being sourced from recycled t-shirts that are carefully sorted, washed, and metal detected so that each bag contains high quality, non-abrasive, safe to use, quality industrial cleaning rags.

Gone are the days of businesses willing to accept poor quality, unwashed rags that are not metal detected and not only present a potential health hazard, but also don’t absorb properly. Our high quality WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS are perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks, involving solvent absorption, and used in applications involving inks, oils, paints and grease where the white rags’ lack of color highlights just how effectively they absorb and clean these dark substances. Their thickness increases their absorbency and the soft cotton fibres make them ideal for polishing or other non-abrasive wiping tasks involving solvents and chemicals.

TIDDOX INDUSTRIAL WHITE RAGS are environmentally friendly reducing unnecessary resource wastage, and because they are carefully sorted they can be relied upon to reduce inconsistency of product and increase productivity.

So if you are a manufacturing, engineering, printing or other type of industrial business, and you are looking for a reliable, metal detected, high quality WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS, contact us! We guarantee you thoroughly cleaned, highly absorbent recycled cotton rags. Available in large sizes and small bags.

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