LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES (40cm x 55cm x 300)

300 WIPES PER CARTON (40cm x 55cm)

Colours: White

  • Large low lint cloth for cleaning, surface prep with solvents, drying and polishing
  • Used by production rooms during the cleaning process for drying the equipment
  • Used for pre cleaning with solvents on surfaces without leaving lint behind
  • Ideal for removing any particles from vinyl before attaching to signs
  • Low lint glass polisher that gives a spotless finish
  • Can use with cleaning chemicals and agents
  • High cellulose content absorbs cleaning chemicals, solvents, oils and cleaning agents
  • Strong, durable, tear resistant
  • Strong, tear resistant cloth that will not break down when wet
  • Large surface area cleaner, dryer, polisher
  • 300 large disposable wipers per carton
  • Available in smaller cut pieces of 23cm x 23cm

Product Code: 6-40025


It can be challenging to find a low lint wiper. Especially one for commercial and industrial applications! Either quality is poor or it is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Time to try TIDDOX’s industrious solution called the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. This product is an industrial grade solution for low lint wiping tasks. Perfect for powder coating, surface prep, solvent use and equipment drying. Ideal for glass and window cleaning. Used in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing facilities.

Poweder coaters use them for pre cleaning with solvents on powder coat lines. Having tried many and failed, they feedback to us that these are the best product by far! Lesser quality wipes leave lint behind, which disappears into or before the coating gels over. Inferior products either leave a melted blob or have waxes that cause defects in the finish. Commercial cotton rags have dyes and detergent residues which can cause headaches. So don’t waste your time, head straight to our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES!

What else makes the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES stand out?

Their size, smooth texture, absorbency and solvent resistance. They are extra large (55 cm x 40 cm), extra absorbent and extra strong.


  • Super Strong: The polyester component makes the wipes tear resistant. Use many times
  • Chemical Compatible: Works well with, and absorbs, strong chemicals or solvents
  • High Absorbency: The high cellulose component drys up solvents and fluids
  • Smooth: The soft, non-abrasive texture of these cleaning cloths will not harm surfaces. Ideal for low lint equipment, metal and glass cleaning and drying tasks. Doesn’t leave any streaks or lint after cleaning
  • Low Linting: The dense construction and low particle count means no lint.

Industry applications for LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES

The following industries use these flexible, versatile industrial cloths:-


Factories use LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES for low lint cleaning and drying. They absorb chemicals and solvents and used in surface preparation.


Users include garages, panel beaters and auto body shops. Most common application are in applying spray paint and surface prep. The cloths are great to remove stubborn dirt and oil from engines, hubcaps and bodies. Car cleaners like the large surface area and low lint features. Tasks include polishing windscreens, glass, and metal panels.


Users include hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. These low lint hospitality wipes take care of counter and table spills. Brilliant in cleaning and polishing glass and metal surfaces. Useful in commercial kitchens for grease and oil absorption tasks.


Aged care and child care facilities use LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. They are of a size that makes them ideal for window and equipment cleaning. Useful with cleaning chemicals on counters and furniture.


These low lint medical cloths are safe and fit for medical purposes. They meet the strict hygienic standards in hospitals, clinics & vet practices. Used in tattoo parlors and salons.


Used as a low lint wiper for cleaning printing equipment and accessories. Absorbent of inks and solvents without disintegrating.


Painters love LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. A white rag replacement for preparation, application and cleanup. Used for touch ups, wiping off paint, cleaning brushes and absorbing solvents & paints. A general all round low lint cleanup wiper for painters.

Professional painters use LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. Perfect for low lint wiping and drying tasks. Do not settle for inferior products, choose INDUSTRO WIPES! A large versatile low lint industrial wiper. Non-abrasive, solvent resistant and absorbent.