IPA Wipes

42 cm x 14 cm • 75 wipes per canister • 12 canisters per carton 

Colour: White

  • Isopropyl alcohol disinfecting surface wipes (70% IPA)
  • Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and removing dirt particles
  • Hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Used to sanitise surfaces in gyms, offices, restaurants, schools and healthcare
  • 75 easy to pull out, soft pre-moistened towels in each can
  • Convenient canisters that are portable and resealable

Product Code: 7-2412


Undeniably, ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL WIPES (“IPA Wipes”) disinfect surfaces. For instance, medical instruments, bench tops, keyboards, door knobs etc. In fact, any surface that is likely to be carry germs. And, with a 70% alcohol component, surfaces get quickly sanitised! Hence, they’re popular in hospitals and healthcare. In fact, any place worried about germs. For example restaurants, cafes, aged care, offices and gyms.

What are IPA Wipes?

IPA WIPES are alcohol based wipes that kill 99.9% of germs. As a result, they’re ideal for sanitising surfaces. And, they control the spread of bacteria. Because IPA wipes disinfect surfaces, they stop germs spreading. And therefore, by keeping surfaces clean, we maintain a hygienic work place.

And, we all know where germs love building up. For instance, kitchen surfaces, gym lockers, desks and key boards. Also, in shared facilities, like hospitals, schools and aged care.

So, rather than let them spread, use these 70% IPA wipes. In fact, order a carton of 12 cans now! And spread these alcohol cleaning wipes around the facility to improve hygiene.

However, please note that sometimes alcohol stains surfaces. Hence, we also have various non-alcohol based options. For instance, the ANTIBACTERIAL DISINFECTANT WIPES.

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